Death's Grasp

January 21, 2011
By Gabriel Hazim BRONZE, Las Vegas, Nevada
Gabriel Hazim BRONZE, Las Vegas, Nevada
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As they hung, grasping the edge of the cliff, the horseman loomed over the weary warriors. Their existence has been spoken of in the prophecy dating back thousands of years before this very moment in time. The words of prophecy rang in their ears even now as they stared up into death’s ever reaching grasps. “Only in love will their paths cross, fated to end and born a new." As the Warrior Snow’s grip loosens from the jagged rocks he whispers his last words, “Scarlet, there’s so much I want to say to you. I have a lifetime of things to share and yet no time left in this life to spare." As the words slipped from his mouth, tears began to fall down Scarlet's face. Her fingers aching from her loosening grip, her eyes burning with the sting of tears and her heart breaking into a million pieces, she whispered back to Snow, “Whether a minute or a million years, you have been worth every second of my life, Snow.” Unaware of the warrior’s intimate exchange, the horseman, Death laughed to himself "Finally! After all these lifetimes I will bring death upon the warriors of prophecy! After all others have tried and failed, you will see, as will others that there is no such thing as fate." The horseman raised his skeletal fist from out of his tattered cloak to the heavens as hundreds of past warriors souls came to bear witness to the end of yet another prophetic union. Death bellowed to the souls soaring around them, “Come see them fall at my hand. See your warriors fall as the others before them. They are no different from the rest. When are you silly humans going to see that love cannot save you?” Snow and Scarlet struggled to hold onto the edge of the cliff. Their fingers raw from the jagged rock, their breath heavy from crying tears of pain, they looked at each other and knew what they had to do. With all the courage and strength she had left in her broken body she stared at the horseman and Scarlet said, “You’re wrong. You may kill us like all the others before us, but love will win. Our love will win because it will never die. Not even you can kill that which is so perfect and pure.” Her words angered him to a fury which had not been matched before. “Wretched witch, I will make you atone for your ignorance,” he snarled. His chest heaving with anger, he threw his enormous scythe over his shoulder to ready his deadly blow to the cliff where the warriors still hung precariously. Snow looked into Scarlet’s tear stained face and said, “I believe in us and our love. Not even death can tear our hearts apart for they are one as we are one.” Scarlet knew that Death had killed all the other warriors before them, but she knew that their love was different. She knew that Snow was right; she felt it in every part of her being. Their hearts and souls were intertwined forever and not even death could break that bond. “I love you Snow, always.” As Death’s mighty scythe began screaming towards the cliff, the warriors clasped each other’s hands and with one final loving look they released their grip from the cliff’s edge before the deadly blow made contact and began hurling downwards. As they fell, they heard the screams of the horseman from the back of his mighty steed, “NOOOOO!” Suddenly, as if the souls understood, they began swarming around the falling warriors. They had not allowed Death to win. They made their own choice and created their own fate by letting go of the cliff. The others had not understood that love could conquer all as long as you believed. The souls of warriors lifted Snow and Scarlet on their backs through a massive portal surrounded in lights of blight and white hues. The warriors smiled lovingly at each other as they floated through the portal, unaware of where they would end up, or when their journey would end, they knew that as long as they were together, their love would conquer all.

The author's comments:
This piece was written by inspiration of how much I love my fiancee and how I would go to any length to save her and be with her no matter what obstacle came between us. Even if Death himself were to appear and try to rip me apart from my love I would never leave her side, even after death.

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