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January 16, 2011
By lswithspunk BRONZE, Opheim, Montana
lswithspunk BRONZE, Opheim, Montana
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\"why take life seriously, none of us make it out alive anyway\"
\"censorship is like telling a man he cant have a steak because a baby cant chew it\"--Mark Twain

I was late, in fifteen seconds I would be stuck here forever. I was running as hard as I could. My body was gasping for breath, but I pushed on. Smack! I made it through the portal, and landed hard on my bedroom floor. I groaned. Ugh that was close, to close. I need to be more careful. I remember before all this started how peaceful my life was I never had to worry about being stuck in another dimension for eternity. I also remember how boring my life was. Wake up, go to school, come home, go to bed. But now, now I never know what is going to happen. Every day is mystery, filled with excitement, love, and fear.

I can hear my mom coming. “Are you okay honey? I thought I heard something fall.” I could hear the concern in her voice, I hadn’t been the same since I met Max I spent almost all my time in my room or in the other dimension. I felt guilty I used to spend lots of time with her.

“I’m fine mom. I just dropped my text book.” I tried to hide the pain in my voice, I had twisted my ankle when I fell.

She looked at me carefully then sighed “Okay, dinner will be ready in twenty minutes.” Sigh, I dropped down on my bed, she was gone. My ankle was tremendously painful, I limped to my bathroom and poured cool water over it then I put the ankle brace I use for volleyball on. I walked to the foot of the stairs. Show time. As I walked down stairs I saw I was late for supper. My sister and brother were already there. My mom frowned. “You’re late”

“Sorry, I twisted my ankle on the stairs” The lie came out so smoothly it made me sick. I had been lying a lot to my mom lately it was starting to just come naturally. I could see the worry in my mom’s eyes.

“Are you okay sweety?” she said softly. I caught the stress in the voice.

I smiled “Ya I’m fine mom it was just a little tweek” another lie.

She smiled “Okay then, let’s eat” I sat down at the table. Everyone was talking as usual; I listened half heartedly, but soon I was off in my own world, day dreaming. It has already been a month since I found the portal to the fourth dimension. Luck y for me the first person I met was Max. He explained to me where I was, and told me that the people who lived here were trapped because they had stayed in the dimension for too long, there portal had closed, and they were lost forever. If I stayed for more than three hours the portal would close and I would be stuck forever. He was gorgeous with deep brown eyes and brown tousled hair. He was tall and strong, unbelievably perfect. I had never felt so strongly about someone before he was romantic and kind. I just couldn’t stay away even if I had wanted to.

“Dionysus, you don’t really think you can be with this girl, do you?”

“Shut up! Aphrodites, this doesn’t involve you!”

“Oh there’s your violent side again. If only you could be sweet all the time like you are around her. Max, it makes me laugh, what a sweet mortal name. Mortals don’t belong here Dionysus or should I say Max.”

“Well I’m half mortal are you going to stop me from living here.”

“Such a young fool, you are the b****rd of Zeus, did you really think Hera was going to keep you around? Look around Dionysus we’re the bad guys, we don’t stand for good so Hera got rid of us. Zeus isn’t the leader of the Gods, Hera is she has outwitted Zeus and has much revenge to seek. I used to rest on Mt. Olympus until she decided I stood for adultery and sex. We both know I stand for true love, and true love just isn’t always with the one you marry. Besides Hades would love a new virgin to come visit him.”

“No! Hades can never have her, I can protect her she’ll be fine. I love her.”

“That counts for nothing, what happens if she gets stuck here, or what if she finds out who you truly are? Besides if she is ever around when your good side isn’t showing she could get killed. You can’t control yourself, and just because you saved your mother from Hades doesn’t mean you can save her. Face it she doesn’t belong.”

“Well if she can’t be here then I will be there, I’ll act as a mortal go to school and act as a normal teenager.”

“That’s absurd! If Hera finds out she’ll turn you mortal and kill you. Besides you know that your little girlfriend will find out. You’re asking for trouble.”

“Maybe not, Hera checks on us every month if I show up every month and act like everything is normal, and I’ll play sports to take my rage out on.”

“Do as you please you fool but don’t expect me to have your back when your plans fail. You disgust me!”

“Hey Max” The sound of her voice makes my knees feel weak. How is it possible for a mortal having so much power over a god?

“Sabra! You look stunning today.”

“Thankyou! I’ve missed you.”

“I’ve missed you too, I wish it didn’t have to be like this. It’s so risky having you come over here all the time like you do. I wish there was a way I could go back to your dimension to stay.” I felt bad tricking her, but I needed to put the idea in her head.

“I feel the same way. You never did tell why you can’t go back to our dimension through the portal?” She fell for it.

“Sabra that’s a wonderful idea! Do you think I could sneak through your portal?” I felt awful but my love was so strong I had to make this work.

“You could come with me this weekend; my parents always go out to dinner on Sunday. Then you can find a place to stay or something.” This was a great idea.

“Great so Sunday?”

“Ya I can’t wait” She smiled her amazing smile.

“Awesome, you got to go the portal is about to close.”

I can just imagine getting to see Sabra all day at school. It’s going to be great. If only I was born a mortal.

“Dionysus, I’m so sorry!” It was Aphrodite blood was gushing out of her head and she looked as if she were about to die.

“What happened to you!” I knew this wasn’t going to be good. No one ever messes with Aphrodite.

“When we were talking, someone heard as they told Hera. She turned me mortal and I barely got away. She said she isn’t going to stop until she kills you.” I could hear her gasp for breath as they grew fainter. “You aren’t safe Dionysus there is nowhere you can hide she will find you and she isn’t going to just get rid of you. It’s too late for me, save yourself” As she stopped breathing I glistened with rage. She was right Hera wouldn’t stop until someone was dead, but that someone wouldn’t be me. I’m the son of Zeus I have love and rage on my side. Yes it wouldn’t be me. It would be her.

The author's comments:
I've had a strange obcession with the fourth dimension lately. This is my first piece so its not great.

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