note to selfless thoughts of the unspoken

January 18, 2011
By , San deigo, CA
Stopping to think of the past holds you back...thinking of the flashing lites around,can haunt you at night. But when do you really stop to think your place in this setting is right? Are the emotions you feel now true? Or are you just trying to recover those lost memories that you've decided to blur out of your existence.
That one moment deciding whether you should of gone was the mistake of my thoughtless mind. And now that I've seen you meant more than the moon to me, i noticed i sit here and wait... Waiting til the day you arrive and forgive me, although knowing that you have moved on makes me happy to see you are once alive again,but it still hurts me the most, suspecting you won't give a thought less of me. I am truly sorry for all that i have caused."To promise that things won't be broken" has been over crossed.
Now that i have the chance to overthrow all of our past memories that have soon start to fade away i won't give up the chance that you'll always be there, but now giving the assumptions that i need to let go is the hardest. The new love that has interfered in my life affects it all...i have to take whats in front of me, and whats in front me is what i need...although not what i wanted at first, but i have maybe perhaps take the chance.
Those lonely nights i spent thinking of you have reduced into sleepless eras,forgetting is the most difficult thing because you have grown inside me so much that i wouldn't want to ever let this go...i still luv you, and hope you won't forget me even though knowing that faith has left you. This is the note to my unspoken thoughts...

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