January 18, 2011
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Geneva skipped through the subway platform; her blond curls bobbing up and down. She hummed a random tune; a smile plastered on her face. She gently pushed her glasses up so they wouldn’t fall and got on the N-train to Brooklyn. She had an undying passion for writing.

It was packed in the train, but she didn’t mind. She gripped onto the bar as the train went into motion. She turned on her iPod on high; she knew the route by heart now. Without warning, her iPod dropped to the floor and her head banged against the metal pole. Somebody had knocked into her
“Oh my god I’m so sorry!”
Geneva was in a daze, lost for a few seconds.
“Are you okay,” somebody asked. She blinked and looked to her right and couldn’t believe what she saw.

A Goddess.
She had long brown hair with soft waves and intense green eyes. She had flawless pale ivory skin, with light pink lips. “Are you okay,” she frantically asked again. “Oh, oh yeah,” Geneva laughed nervously. It had been as the air in her body had left her and the only people on that train was she and this Goddess.
“Yeah, I’m fine.” “Oh you poor thing, I made you drop your iPod, here,” she paused to give Geneva her iPod, “I’m Amber.” She held out her hand. “I’m Geneva,” she said, her mind on cloud nine.
Amber touched her forehead; she could feel the heat rise from her neck to her cheeks. I think… I think I fell in love, she thought.

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