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January 20, 2011
By LOPDLO BRONZE, Quogue, New York
LOPDLO BRONZE, Quogue, New York
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“Excuse me. Excuse me? Hello?”
Anthony Sparks sat at the Hotel bar; staring aimlessly into space as a beautiful blonde woman, who was next him, spoke.
“I’m sorry, what?” said Anthony
“I was telling you my story, or were you not listening?”
“I’m sorry, I wasn’t listening.”
“Is everything alright?”
“Yes, sorry, I’m just not awake today. It was nice talking to you. Could you please excuse me Miss…?”
“Emily. Emily Gardens” she smiled, “Here take my card handsome, in case you ever want to…talk again”
He took the card and left the bar.
His head was not in the right spot, he had to meet with the clients in 30 minutes and was stressing. He had to pitch an idea to them that could sell the watches, an idea that could be used for a commercial. So far, he had nothing.
He crossed the lobby and walked outside. It was busy in the city and it was raining. He looked at his watch 11:00.
“Would you like a taxi sir?” said the doorman
“Yes, please.” said Anthony I’ve got time, I’ll just go for a Starbucks and be back.
“Walter could you call me a taxi?”
Anthony turned around as a woman walked outside and spoke to the doorman. She wore a raincoat, and with the hood covering her head, he couldn’t really see her face.
“Certainly Ms. Walters, I just need to this gentleman’s cab first” said the doorman
“Oh great. Who’s the a**-”?
She stopped mid sentence, as she stared at him. Her eyes fixed on his. She still had the hood on her but he could see she wore glasses. She was smaller than him but only by a little bit. Anthony looked at her and raised his eyebrow. He decided to speak up.
“Well uhm-… your welcome to share one with me. Where are you heading?
“Starbucks” she said, sort of snapping back to reality “I have to get coffee for my bosses.”
“Really? I’m actually headed there as well”
“Fine” she said as she smiled “But I should warn you, I’m not in a good mood”
The taxi then arrived, and they both got it in.
“Where to?” said the cab driver
“Starbucks” they both said at the same time. And both smiled.
She took her hood off and he was awestruck. She was beautiful. She had glasses and a ponytail, brunette. She had sort of a cute and dorky look to her. But Anthony’s eyes lit up when he saw her. She smiled at him and stuck her hand out.
“Victoria Walters, you can call me Vicki”
He shook her hand “Anthony Sparks, please to meet you”
“So Anthony, what are you doing at the hotel?”
“I work for a jewelry company, I’m pitching a commercial idea to some clients in 20 minutes”
“Oh? Well what is it?
“I don’t know yet, I’ll let you know when I do”
She laughed and Anthony smiled at her, he then looked at his watch again. 11:11
“Make a wish” she said
“I’m sorry?”
She laughed, “Its 11:11, make a wish”
He looked at her, kind of confused, but still smiling. She was so pretty. He liked her.
“Okay as long as you make one with me”
“Deal” she said
He closed his eyes and made it.
At Starbucks she stood in front of him
He spoke up “So what were you doing at the hotel”
“Oh I work for a publishing company, I’m an assistant to the editor, there’s a meeting there and I have to get them the damn coffee, I hate doing that”
“Oh I’m sorry to hear that”
“No its okay, I’m starting to think it was worth it”
She winked at him and went to order
After he had his coffee he walked outside and she was standing there.
“Waiting for me?” he said
She blushed “Hey” she laughed “No, I just can’t seem to get a cab today”
Anthony smiled and waved a taxi down “Would you like to share again?”
“Sure” she said
In the cab, they spoke again
“Listen- uh” they said at the same time.
“I’m sorry,” he said
“No please you first,” said Vicki
“Well, alright” said Anthony “I was wondering if I you would ever like to have coffee with me again”
Vicki’s face lit up, “Yes, of course”
“Really well, here’s my number” He handed her his card. They arrived at the hotel.
“I’d really like to know if your wish came true” he said
She giggled and winked at him “It already has”
She stepped out and ran inside, and the rain had finally stopped.
He looked at his watch 11:25. He had his idea.
Still smiling, he went inside.

The author's comments:
I wrote this short story to be some what cute meet style of writing

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