Thoughts of Love part1

January 16, 2011
By MissAdlem100 BRONZE, Woodbridge, Other
MissAdlem100 BRONZE, Woodbridge, Other
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“Scarlett! You are going to be late for your first day! Hurry up!”
, my mother shouted from downstairs. I sat up in my bed, half awake and groaned in reply,
“I am up.”
That was the beginning of the first day of my second year in high school and my first day at my new school. We had recently moved back to my hometown of Salos, after moving to Kriyanus, the capital of Zarial, almost 7 years earlier. I’d had that same dream the night before that I always had. It was a memory from 7 years ago, it was about 4 months before we were due to move to Kriyanus and I was eight years old. I had gone shopping with my mother, but had lost her and was now completely lost, I had no idea where I was and my eyes were full with tears as I curled up against a tree and sobbed so hard that my shoulders shook. Then suddenly out of nowhere came a beautiful young boy who had elegant pale blond hair and enchanting sea blue eyes, he looked about my age. He came up to me, helped me up, wiped the tears from my eyes and said,
“Please don’t cry, are you lost? Come on, I will help you find your way home.”
He then tenderly tugged on my arm and we began to find our way back to my home. Before I knew it we were very close to my house because I recognised one of the children as Charlie, a boy who lived on my street. I tapped the boy’s shoulder and said as he turned to face me,
“Thank you for helping me find my way home, I know this place, and it is not far from my home, I can walk the rest of the way by myself, thank you again.”
Just as I began to walk off towards my house, he tugged on my arm and said as I turned,
“Please wait, we are friends right? Please can I know your name?”
I smiled and answered,
“Yes we are, it is Scarlett, um what is…”
But before I could ask him his name, he turned waving and ran off around the corner. All I knew after that encounter is that I would meet him again and truly become friends with him someday…

Anyhow, I never did hear from him before I left, but I had then come back and was intent on finding him. I rushed downstairs after putting on my new uniform, kissed my mother good bye, grabbed my bag and headed out the door. I was so nervous as I strolled towards my new school, Salos Academy, yes I had some how managed to get my self into one of the top schools on the continent. I was amazed that I had even made myself take the entrance exam, but I had to wait till my first day to find out how I ranked, all I knew was that I had got in. Then I turned the corner into the school grounds, stopped and gasped. It was huge!! It was like looking at the home of someone royal or from a high aristocratic family. Then the bell tolled for the beginning of homeroom and I ran in.

“Everybody, this is Scarlett Van Hyson and she will be joining our class till the end of her school career, please be nice to her.”
, my homeroom teacher, Mrs Carlton said. I then bowed and said as the class began to whisper about whether or not I was the daughter of the famous scientist Doctor Van Hyson who was well known for creating the cure for leukaemia and every cancer known to man, I forgot to mention that I am indeed his daughter, that is why we moved to Kriyanus, for his work,
“Thank you for letting me join the class, I would have joined this school at the beginning of my high school career but my father who is indeed Doctor Van Hyson needed to do research over in Kriyanus, so it wasn’t till a couple a months ago that we moved back here, please look after me.”
I looked up from bowing and smiled over the class, but then met eyes with a very handsome boy who was surrounded by many girls and boys, I held his gaze for no more than a minute, then sitting it my allocated seat that happened to be right next to his. Then I was surrounded by three girls, one was short and had bright red hair, she called herself Mimi. Another was completely the opposite, she was very tall and had brown hair and glasses, she was called Tanya and the last was average height, had long black wavy hair and was called Miyu. Miyu said,
“Welcome to Salos Academy Scarlett, we would like to be your friends if that is alright.”
I closed my eyes and gave them the warmest smile I could manage, but when I opened them everyone was looking at me. Miyu squealed, hugged me tightly and said as everyone whispered about how cute my smile was and how pretty I was,
“Oh Scarlett! That was sooo cute! How can someone like you exist? You are sooo pretty, your family is so renown and you are so clever, you scored the highest in the year on this term’s exam which was your entrance exam, even higher then Xerxes!.”
Oh so I had scored well on the exam, but then I asked,
“Um, who is Xerxes?”
They all gasped at my question, pulled me out of the room and Miyu replied,
“You don’t know who Xerxes Vendberg is? He just happens to that gorgeous god, you have the esteemed privilege if sitting next to, he is the son of Victor Vendberg, owner of Vendberg Limited, he is an amazing athlete, he is head of the student council that only the best get on, he is unbelievably gorgeous and up to today he has never been beaten in any exam until you.”
We then went back in and sat down for class to begin, as Mrs Carlton began to ramble on bout geometric equations, I couldn’t help but steal small glances at Xerxes, I felt when I looked at him as if I had met him before. When the end of the morning came and lunch break had begun, I told my friends that I would meet up with them in a bit after I had got some sort of bearing of the academy, however as I turned the corner into the art department, a large hand grabbed mine and lead me up the staircase to the roof. That hand belonged to Xerxes Vendberg.

When we reached the roof, he let go of my hand and leaned against the railings, back to me. I then asked,
“Um… Xerxes, isn’t it? Is there something you need from me?”
He turned around and looked me dead in the eye, it was then I realised why he seemed familiar to me, that elegant pale blond hair and enchanting sea blue eyes. Xerxes was the boy from my childhood.

The author's comments:
This is the story of how an encounter between a boy and a girl leads to them having some of the best experiences of their life together. will they fall in love or wont they?

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