Buona Note Bella.

January 16, 2011
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It was a late summer night. We were writing secret messages to each other. No one knew a thing. We weren't "officially together" at all. I mean we were. But it didn't go well, i guess. Even though we acted like it, I wanted to say he was officially mine. It was past midnight, lovers' times. Although, we talk all day, everyday, it pained me to say goodbye or even good night. So I would stay up with him, until he said something like "Baby, go night night", our own corny talk. But that night, that night was different. We both speak Italian. He doesn't know, but I secretly learn it for him. Saying things like "Ti Amo" or "Ciao il mio nome è Adriana". Three fourths asleep and a fourths wake, my eyes burned and struggled to stay open. When I couldn't bear it anymore, I said I was going to bed. He said he was going to bed as well. As I said my goodnights, he wrote me a one of our secret messages saying "Buona Note Bella" and just in case I didn't know what it meant. He wrote "Goodnight beautiful" under it. Suddenly, my sleep was taken away by his words. I spent that whole night rereading that message and smiling. I don't know if you said that because you think I was beautiful or just because. No matter the reason, it meant a lot to me and I remember it every night and I always wish we could do it again, or at least one more time. And now I go to bed night, I'll whisper Buona Note Bella and maybe, just maybe when your asleep you'll stir and hear my whispers. Buona Note Bella...<3

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