The story of us

January 13, 2011
By Anonymous

And it all started with a friend request.

That was the thought that ran through her mind as she thought about the guy she liked more than anything. He was perfect for her, but she didn't think she was good enough. Five years later, and they are now engaged to be married. According to him, she was everything he ever needed, but she didn't think it would get this far, she thought that their relationship wouldn't last long at all.

Now let's go back to the day they met. The day he joined her homeroom. The day she knew he was perfect for her. The day, five years ago, when she saw her life flash before her eyes.

“Hey” Sarah said to her best friends as she walked into homeroom.

“Hey girl!” her friend Heather said, “I texted you last night, but never got an answer. I thought something was wrong”

“Battery died” was all Sarah said right before she saw him walk into the room.

Heather friend saw the look on Sarah's face, the sparkle in her eyes, as she watched the six-foot-five brown hair, blue eyed basketball player walk in the room and up to the teacher. Sarah moved up closer and started talking to her other friend Megan, just so she could listen to the teacher talking to the new student.

“Hi, I'm Matt” he said, his voice amazingly cute. “I just moved here from California.”

He's gorgeous, was all Sarah thought. He looked like something fresh off the cover of a magazine.

“Hello Matt.” Mr. Michaels said, “I am Mr. Michaels. It's nice to have you here with us. If you need any help finding a classroom, I'm sure any of the students here can help. Sarah is the best choice, she has given freshman orientation since she was a sophomore, so she knows the school better than everyone. And her mom works here.”

“Okay,” Matt said, “thank you very much Mr. Michaels.”

“Sarah.” Mr. Michaels called, “Can you come up here for a minute?”

“Sure.” Sarah called back. As soon as Matt saw her, he liked her, but wasn't going to let her know. “Yeah Mr. Michaels?” Sarah said when she got to his desk.

“This is Matt. He's new, and if he needs help finding a classroom, I want you to show him. Let me see both of your schedules.”

Both kids handed him their schedules and Mr. Michaels compared them.

“Well, you basically have every class together. So Sarah, he is your job. Good luck” Mr. Michaels said.

Sarah couldn't believe it. He was in every single class with her. She was going to like her senior year more than anything now.

As they walked down the hallway to first period, Sarah couldn't talk. She was very shy, and walking with Matt right next to her made her nervous.

“So, where did you move from?” Sarah finally asked.

“Hollywood. I lived there for about ten years after starring on a TV show at seven years old.” Matt said.

“You were on TV?” Sarah asked in shock. “What show?”

“It was called All-In-One. It was about a flag football team where all the players fought about everything, and they all learned to work together as one. I was Ricky, the quarterback.” Matt said with pride.

“I loved that show! I have all the seasons on DVD. And I had a crush on Ricky.” Sarah said, “I thought you looked familiar. You've grown a lot since then.”

“Yeah.” Matt said as they entered the classroom.

The rest of the day, Matt got introduced to all the teachers, and told the class a little about himself. By the end of the day, he was glad to be going home. His mom was still at work, and couldn't pick him up.

“Can we give him a ride home mom?” Sarah asked, “He is really nice, and lives right near us.”

“I guess.” her mom said.

“Hey Matt,” Sarah called as she ran towards him. “my mom said we can give you a ride home.”

“Awesome.” Matt said.

“Let's go” Sarah smiled and they headed towards the car.

Once they dropped off Matt, Sarah and her mom started to talk about him, and Sarah told her mom that he played Ricky on All-In-One, and that he was really nice and funny. Sarah's mom asked Sarah if she thought he was cute, and if she liked him. Sarah shyly said yes, and the conversation was over.

The author's comments:
I kinda just started writing, and it came to me, so I ended up with this.

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