If Love knew what you did....

January 14, 2011
By Rayleen Rabenwood BRONZE, Portland, Oregon
Rayleen Rabenwood BRONZE, Portland, Oregon
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I met a guy once... I didn’t know what to expect for him to do or what his intentions were but I only hoped it was to be with me…
I fell for him because he was different, the way he made me feel the shy hugs he shared and his personality pulled me in.
I only assumed that he wasn’t taken… I let the way he acted and talked tell me… he was trying his best to be with me… but the truth came out… he became the enemy… the monster in my closest that wont leave me at night… he tries to open his mouth to talk but its only the words of a lie that I can hear… he makes me wannna scream my loudest, take long walks, run until I cant breathe… I thought I had it all… I thought we we’re gonna last until the world ended… I was willing with everything inside me to be with him… but everything good in life doesn’t last forever… he broke the heart of my body… the thought that some guys are different… if only love knew what you did…

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