I wasn't suppose to happen like this, 2.

January 12, 2011
I, Bethany Richard would’ve rather poked myself in the eye then talk to Landon before that summer. He was in my Comp Lit class the semester before the summer started, and let me tell you. I wanted to puke every time he talked. I guess I never wanted to give him the time a day. Girls use to talk about all the crazy stuff they did with him, or what a wild night they had with Landon. Gawking at him everything he walked by. Then, they’d complain to their friends that he doesn’t talk to them anymore, or even acknowledge that he even talked to them before. It made me sick, that he took advantage of people like that.


The first day of school, she walked right past me. I could’ve saw it coming, but I guess I just didn’t want admit it. We have 5 classes together. I made sure there was a seat open next to me in every single one. She sat on the other side of the room, not even glancing at me. I watched her as her jaw dropped, and her water fall out of her had when Katherine kissed me at lunch. The sad thing is, I laughed and joked about it when Katherine mentioned something about it. The next day at school, her long curly blonde hair was cut at her shoulders and pin straight. She sure knows how to throw a curve ball at a guy, that’s for sure. I wish I could tell her, I wish she knew that truth.

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