7 or 8 Things About Her

January 11, 2011
By Penguina5 BRONZE, Ennis, Texas
Penguina5 BRONZE, Ennis, Texas
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Usually, no one ever knows everything about someone. So today, I made it appoint to find out some things about her. My name is Diego and I go to Dickinson high school. People usually call me ‘the boy that all the girls want’, but I don’t want any of the girls. I could never understand why all of the girls were attached to me. Maybe it was because of my style, or my smile followed by my dimples, or my eyes. Although I knew it had to be something, I didn’t care about what it was, because I just blew all of them off anyways. I was really the kind of guy that just liked to hang out with his ‘homeboys’ and didn’t talk to very many girls. I had few girl friends but no girlfriend, and I was happy that way.

It’s just the start of the second semester of school and there was a new girl in my speech class that I had never seen before. Her name is Brenda, and she’s not the prettiest girl ever, but something about her pulls me in. she was different from all the other girls, and I mean really different. I didn’t know her very well, and I had only talked to her a few times, but the energy she brought when she was around me was amazing. Some days, as lame as it is, I would just stare at her while she was doing her work or listening to her iPod when she wasn’t looking. And one day, she caught me!

“Hello, Diego, HELLO!” I suddenly snapped out of day dreaming, looking at a small hand being waved in my face. I looked up instantly and there she was, the most amazing thing to walk on earth was standing not even two feet away from me, trying to wake me up. “Yeah, what, wassup?” “Are you going to be my partner for this paper or what big head?!” “Me, your partner? Sure!” We walked over to the corner of the classroom where two big bean bags laid on the floor for us to sit in. “What are we supposed to do?” I asked as Brenda handed me the paper. “Oh yeah, since you weren’t paying attention, staring into space, you missed the instructions!” She then smiled with her pearly white teeth, laughing at me and told me what to do. “We have to write a paper about ourselves. It has to be not too detailed, but enough for readers and listeners to get an idea of what you’re like. Got it loser?” I smiled and laughed, “Got it punk!”

We took about 20 minutes writing our papers and then Mrs. Facio’s buzzer went off. “Ok guys, now that you all have written your papers I want you to read them to your partner. And after your finished, you can return to your seats.” Brenda and I nodded our heads at the teacher and turned to face each other. “Well ok Brenda, you go first!” “Me? Why me?!I want to hear yours first! “Hmmm…no!” I smiled at her and she giggled a bit. I loved making her laugh and smile. “Wait, no I’ll go ahead and go, since I’m better than you anyways!” I had decided I was going to go ahead and read my paper to her first, and when I had said that she looked at me with a smirk, rolling her eyes back and flashing her long eyelashes at me. “Ok look, here I go! My name is Diego, I’m amazing. The End!” we laughed together and she lightly shoved me. “Ok no really, here I go. My name is Diego Ramirez. My birthday is May 29th. I love nice, clean shoes with baggy pants and big, plain colored t-shirts. Music is pretty great. I have hazel eyes and big dimples. I’m complete Mexican. I have a crush on one girl, although who has crushes these days?! But I don’t think it matters because she may never know. The end, now your turn big head!” At that moment I think my face had turned a little pink because of the words I had said. And obviously the girl I had a crush on was Brenda! But I couldn’t figure out if I wanted her to not know it was her or if I just wanted to hint to her that it was. “Ok, my turn, since I’m better than you! Let’s see... My name is Brenda Reyes. My birthday is August 19th. I love Jordan’s! I can’t live without my iPod. I’m Puerto Rican. I like wearing basketball shorts and sweat pants. I talk to more guys then girls. And last but not least…”

“Diego!” “Hey Diego!” “Uh oh, there goes Diego!” Right then, at the most important part of Brenda’s story, the three most annoying girls ran into our classroom. They were charging at me while screaming my name. Brenda just looked at them with a face that followed behind an attitude and then looked at me with a surprised face. I was so disappointed that they had just flown into the room like that and ruined the most important moment of my life. “Can I help ya’ll?” Like really? Ya’ll have been following me everywhere and I still don’t have a clue as to who you are!” “Um ladies, please. Go out in the hall so I can talk to you.” Mrs. Facio looked about as mad as I was. Then, thanks to the crazy girls, Brenda just got up and walked to her seat before I could even get a word in with her. “Brenda, hey come back!” She had looked so disappointed that she didn’t get to finish her story, and when she reached her desk she just sat down and plugged her earphones into her iPod and slipped the stereo pieces into her ears, while getting out a paper and a pen. I then realized she wasn’t going to talk to me; so I walked to my desk, broken down inside and laid my head down. And I hadn’t been lying on my desk for 5 minutes and I had fallen asleep.

Unfortunately that nap had only lasted for about fifteen minutes before I was woken up by the bell. Everyone, including Brenda, walked out of the room.
As my eyes followed her as she was leaving I realized there was a piece of crumbled up paper lying underneath the desk she had been sitting at, so I walked over and picked it up. I looked around the room to make sure I was alone, and then opened it real quick. ‘Something he will never know’ is what sat as the title of the paper, and I sat down in the seat and began to read it. “Every girl in the school seems to be in love with him. They all chase after him, and it seems that he notices all of them except for me. He’s so cool, even though I only know a little bit of things about him. But all I know for sure is that his name is Diego Ramirez…” Right then I stopped reading. My heart sunk into my stomach and the biggest smile I had ever smiled covered my face. I ran out into the hallways looking for Brenda, but of course I couldn’t seem to find her anywhere. Then I turned the corner and I could see her from a distance. I had seen her perfectly curled hair flopping off her shirt as she walked. Quickly, as I found myself daydreaming about her again in the middle of the hallway, I ran after her.

Finally as I caught up to Brenda, I grabbed her arm and turned her to face me. “Hey! Where are you going?” “Um, to class. Why? Where are your little girlfriends at? You don’t care about me!” “Look Brenda,” I pulled the crumbled piece of paper out of my sweater pocket and looked at her deep in the eye. “I found your paper sitting under your desk. And please don’t be mad, but I read it.” She looked at me with eyes about as big as a bug. “You read my paper? Why? What’s wrong with you! That’s like personal business!” She then snatched the paper out of my hand and started to walk away. I panicked in a split two seconds and went after her. “Just come sit with me, please. Let’s just talk real quick.” I started towards the doors to go outside to the picnic tables in the front of the school, and she followed right behind me. We sat at the picnic table for a good twenty minutes, opening our hearts out to each other and explaining our feelings. I think at that moments was the moment we both realized we had wanted to be together, and to ruin my thought, the bell had rang to go to lunch. “So, me? You? Together forever, right?” I smiled at Brenda and opened my hand up to her so I could hold her hand. “Forever!” She smiled back at me and grabbed my hand. We walked into the school with everyone watching us. I guess everyone was so surprised because they had never seen me with any girl like this, but I loved the way it seemed. All the girls watched as we walked by with jealous faces and they mumbled things under their breath.

From that day on I spent every weekend with Brenda. We were about the happiest couple on earth, and we were in love. I treated her like a princess as she treated me as her prince. We went everywhere together; mall, movies, restaurants, park, everywhere! She was amazing, and I was so happy to be with her. And the best thing yet, I found out more than 8 things about her.

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