January 8, 2011
Ugh, I rolled my eyes in frustration. He was being his immature self. Why couldn’t he get it? He was being so infuriating.
“What’s wrong?” He said to me, noticing me rolling my eyes.
I had my arms folded over my chest, my left hip cocked to the side, I wanted him to notice he was getting on my nerves. “Nothing,” I put my hands out for him to pass me the basketball.
“You’re not acting like it’s ‘nothing’,” he said, as I went for a basket. Hearing his voice made me irritated and I missed the basket. The ball circled the rim and then fell down to the rim.
“Ha! You missed! You rarely miss!” He said to me. He passed me the ball again.
I shook my head, starting to become angry with his stupid immature ridicule. I threw the basketball at him which hit him in the shoulder. “Dude, Lissy, are you on your period?! Gosh, what the heck was that for?”
I stormed off into the storage room at the gym; I slammed the door shut and locked him out. Hearing him say that made me even angrier. We were at an elementary school. We went there for a volunteer program which was like babysitting, and sometimes no kids showed up. Tonight was one of those nights.
“C’mon Lissy, get out!” He yelled through the door.
I climbed on top of a cabinet and sat there, my arms crossed over my chest, breathing heavily, still fuming over how frustrating Ian was being. I loved being called Lissy, but even now, that was frustrating me. I’d much rather be called Alyssa right now.
“You can’t stay in there forever. I’ll just go get Beverly and she’ll unlock it.”
Ha, ha, no he wouldn’t, he’s far too lazy to do that, I thought to myself bitterly.
“Ugh! Lissy Mae Collins, please, you’re not going to get anywhere by sulking in the storage room!”
Oh, now we’ve gone to my full name? Ha, ha, he’s even too lazy to call me by my real name. I told myself. The truth is, we’re too close of friends for Ian to ever call me Alyssa. The last time he called me Alyssa was well… I can’t even remember it.
I suddenly began to feel sad. Why was I even doing this to the person I love? I had forgotten why I was mad at him in the first place. Why I had wanted to punch him in the arm, why I wanted to scream in his face, why I didn’t want to hear his voice… I had forgotten it all. I felt bad for treating him this way. He didn’t deserve this. He was too nice to be treated like this. He treated me like gold, and I treated him like dirt.
“Lissy, I don’t know what I did to upset you, but whatever it is, I’m sorry. I don’t want you to be mad at you. I won’t make fun of you when you miss. I know you go through a lot. I’m sorry.” I heard him say through the door.
I hopped off the cabinet and went to the door. I unlocked it slowly and let him in.
“Lissy, what’s wrong?”
“I’m sorry.” I said, I couldn’t begin to explain to him what upset me. I had forgotten about it.
“It’s okay, Lis,” he said pulling me into a soft embrace.
“Ian, have you ever had a person who causes you to feel a thousand emotions within a few minutes?”
“Yes. Why?”
“Because, that’s how I feel with you. I’m sorry that I seemed so moody. I just feel so many emotions that I can’t take it. But one thing that I always feel when I’m with you is love. Ian Gregory Daniels, I love you.”
“I love you too, Lissy. I have been hoping you would say that soon.” Ian said then kissing me.

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SilverLuna said...
Jan. 12, 2011 at 8:14 pm
This is really cute, and original. I liked it alot! Good job!
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