Just Between You & Me

January 2, 2011
By pastelpolice SILVER, Kansas City, Missouri
pastelpolice SILVER, Kansas City, Missouri
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The day I finally told Fatima I loved her was the day she realized I was serious about being with her no matter what.

Which is a big deal for us since being together is kind of hard. It does not because we’re both girls and our parents disapprove; they’re pretty chill about it. (Mine more than Fatima’s, only because Mr. and Mrs. Zaeri don’t know. Yet.) It’s not even because we get messed with and teased a lot.

It’s because Fatima makes me break out in hives half the time, causes me to have a sneezing fit, and makes it look like I’m sobbing when my eyes are watery and red from being around her. She’s the only person I have a severe allergic reaction to. I’m more allergic to her than I am to animals (and that’s saying something because animals and I are a big NO).

This isn’t all the time -- that would be too horrible. It’s only at certain times of the month and I don’t mean when she’s on her period.

I’ve told my mom this and she said to me, “You can’t be allergic to a person. It’s probably the perfume she wears. Or maybe she has a dog. You know you’re allergic to dogs, remember?” The only thing I did was nod and not tell her the truth about the exact reason as to why I’m allergic to Fatima. I promised her I wouldn’t tell anyone. People would freak out and lock her in a lab if they knew. I shouldn’t even be telling you, but I trust you enough, and I need someone to talk to about this.

Just know that if you do blab this out to the world, Fatima will find you. Seriously, she can sniff out a person a mile away. She’s showed me.

This isn’t all bad, however. I’ve found a good allergy medicine that helps me, but it still sucks. It’s okay though, because Fatima is worth it. You’d say the same thing if you knew her.

It is still awkward (and possibly even funny) when I go to the hospital or whatever and they tell me to list the stuff I’m allergic to. Underneath dogs and melons, I group girlfriend with dogs.

Because Fatima’s a werewolf and werewolves are basically related to dogs.

That’s just between you and me though.

I try to look on the bright side of this situation. At least she’s not like, a werecat or anything. I can’t even be around those . . .

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