Three Little Words

January 2, 2011
By Missa SILVER, Alta Loma, California
Missa SILVER, Alta Loma, California
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His hands gently slipped around her waist. She knew that they were the only things holding her here to the ledge. How she longed for his arms never to leave her. She could feel every muscle in his arms tense as his grip on her slowly became tighter, but she didn’t mind.

This is Dominic and Clare. They have known each other since their dipper days and ever since. From K through 12th grade they were always together. They were as close as friends could be until something changed in the both of them.

He knew something was wrong and thought all he could do was hold her to the earth and hope she wouldn’t leave his side. He could feel her cold body through his thin t-shirt, her heart’s racing. “Am I somehow the cause of all of this,” he thought to himself constricting her a little tighter as he slowly backed her away from the long plummet to the rocky seas below.

“Have I really fallen for my best friend,” was all she could muster up in her head. Without realizing her knees began to give out from under her. She had never felt so weak before, but his strong body was there for her like a support, like always. All she wanted to do was melt into his arms and stay there and never leave.

He felt her wobble slightly but still kept strong. He wanted to pull her into his heart, to see if she felt the same way that he has for a while. Just then, the sky cracked open and rain began to pour down. He felt it was as if the heavens were giving him strength to do it.

She felt something was going to happen. Every hair on the back of her neck was standing up higher than ever before. Every nerve in her body tingled and raced. Her breath was quickening, but she had to force herself to stay cool. “Oh, I hope he didn’t notice,” she thought just gaining control over her breath.

Dominic slightly loosened his grip on Clare and bent close to her ear and whispered the three little words she longed for the most

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