The Best Summer

January 1, 2011
By SoftballismylifeBobo5 SILVER, Byron, New York
SoftballismylifeBobo5 SILVER, Byron, New York
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The best summer of our lives slowly begin to dwindle down. The night is perfect. No wind, its warm. I am in my night gown, he in his swim shorts. We walk down the beach, hand in hand. Feet, just barely in the water, but enough to get chills from it. We keep walking, counting ever star.
“See all those stars.” He says to me. With the hand that is holding mine, he lifts both of them, pointed up and a sky, so filled with stars, the moon is afraid to show his face.
“Yeah, I do.” I reply. I look over at him. His blue eyes staring deeply into my brown ones.
With his free hand, he wraps his arm around my waist, and pulls me closer. Now our foreheads are touching. “Each and every one of those stars, baby, are a reason I love you.” He says to me. I am lucky its dark out. Now he can’t see me blushing. He releases from my hand with his and puts one hand on my lower back, the other one slightly lower. I pick my hands up and put them on his shoulders.
As we stand in the water, he kisses me. First a soft, nice, romantic kiss. The longer it is though, the deeper it gets. For a second he comes up for air. Then, slowly, he lays us down. I feel the cold water splashing around me, but its ok, his touch keeps me warm. He hands are now in my hair and we keep kissing.
I feel his bare chest against mine.
Finally, we stop kissing. He keeps one hands in my hair. Now he is on his side though, and his other is on my waist. “Baby, let’s get out of the water. There are some towels on the lifeguard stand. It’s the last night of summer, let’s spend it out here, together.”
We get out of the water and go to the lifeguard stand. Almost as planned, not only are there towels, but a huge blanket under it. We take it all. We go to the middle of the beach and lay down. He takes my hand. I put my head on his chest. We stare into the stars for hours. But finally sometime, early morning we fall asleep.
I don’t get cold, all night long.

The author's comments:
it make me think of me and the one i love

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