Of course it did.

December 31, 2010
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They had been friends for a long time and at one point they thought they were in love... until he decided to date her best friend.

But the more they were together ,the stronger the feelings got, and it was become to unbearable to deny it any longer .

For a while they kept a safe distance, until a unfortunate turn of events led these two on a journey away from her best friend and his girlfriend.

They were to go together to recover his dead body... not knowing if it was he who had been taken by the sea. And the best friend/girlfriend stayed behind to make sure everything stayed safe back at home...

On the way to seal her fate she silently prayed her fathers life wasn’t at steak and he was safe and alive. She was a crazed silent beautiful wreck as they drove through the night.

He sat driving hoping that she was okay... he worried about her more than he should but he could not help it, there were feelings locked away deep inside. He felt a need to protect her.

As highway lights flew by in the distance her heartbeat grew more and more rapid. They reached the crossing to find the place the girl hoped did not hold her father only to find , it had been closed off due to a hurricane.
The girls hert dropped , she hit her knees , she couldn’t take it any longer, her mind raced, following just shy of her heart which was catching up. The boy said they would go in the morning as they rented a room and tried to sleep off anticipation.
They both lie there her under the sheet tossing and turning, crying in her sleep, probably from a bad dream. As he sat up against the head board watching her in her restless sleep. As he watched streams of tears silently run down her face, it physically pained him not to wake the girl, take her in his arm and hold on tight so he would never let anything hurt her like what she was enduring.She had lost everything,he could'nt bare for to lose anything else.

He wanted nothing more than her, no matted what the circumstances were he wanted her now and for the rest of his life. But he knew it was wrong to feel this, he had been dating the girls best friend. And he had feelings for her but they were in no comparison to what he felt for this girl who laid next to him, in this crazed, painful, sarcastic, heartbroken, beautiful mess. The boy did not know what to do, this was one situation he could not fix with a simple "yes" or "no", or a dribble of a ball at the street court. He was in deep.

As they awoke the next morning the girl had to mentally prepare her self for what was to come. Knowing that she would lose it if the man laying under this thin cotton sheet was her father. She slowly lifted the sheet, to find a cold stranger laying underneath. The girl was overjoyed and the boy was also happy and happy that she was smiling again.

The boy called his girlfriend and let him know that everything was okay. And she said that she had received a call earlier that day telling her that the girls father was indeed alive.

They both said their goodbyes the girl friend/best friend and after they hung up the phone. The girl realized she lost something. The bracelet her father had given her, the girl remembered back to when she was clinging to it last night for dear life after the boy told her to keep her father close to her heart. She had trouble falling asleep, she was having nightmares of her friends and what was left of her family being killed and taken from her. She was relieved to see that it wasn’t happening right now.

But she was still on edge from the fear she had of thinking her father might have died, a little frazzled they went back to the hotel room searching for the small trinket. When she found it wound in the sheets, fresh tears were falling from her eyes. She was so happy her father was alive but she was scared at the thought if it had been him under that sheet.
The boy was risking everything and he did not care. He gently took her face in his hands and stared her deep in the face. She tried to unsuccessfully smile through the tears. He rubbed away her tears and held her tight. They held each others gaze for what seemed like hours, until his lips gently touched hers.

At that moment they knew it was wrong, then as if the world, nothing or no one in it existed they did not care. All of the pain and frustration and anger instantly turned to passion and hope.
He felt it in his heart that she was right for him and he was in love with her. That he loved her more than life its self, but the boy knew down deep he couldn’t do this to his girl friend , he knew it had to stop. And so did she.

So they both got in the car and avoided any conversation at all costs, both feeling guilty about what had happened. Soon the silence was killing them and she was the first to speak...

"Uh... Thank you for driving me here and being with me."
Her voice quivered and her body was shaking ever so slightly but she nodded like everything was okay.
There it was again that face that he had fallen in love with many times before, those eyes he had gotten lost in and dreamed about but could never got right until they stood face to face looking at each other. It was breaking him in two, this girl would literally be the death of him one day if not sooner.
He couldn’t get the courage to tell her what was really on his mind. But all he did was respond with this...

"No problem... you know that...(a couple more agonizing seconds of silence) ... about what happened in the ro..."

She looked at the boy and in her heart she knew it must be done she must push him away as far as possible.

The girl sighed...

"It didn’t mean anything."
The girl thought she saw a streak of pain flash across his eyes, as he flinched a little

"It didn’t?" He asked

She looked back up at him with those same hurt and lost eyes.

"Of course it did..."

A tear slipped down her cheek as she stared out the window all the way home.

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