Today is the day.

December 29, 2010
By Gabrielle Kim BRONZE, Virginia Beach, Virginia
Gabrielle Kim BRONZE, Virginia Beach, Virginia
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Today is the day.

I wake up earlier than usual, partly due to the butterflies doing somersaults in my stomach, and partly because I want to put extra care into my appearance. In the end, though, I end up putting on the same outfit I did last Saturday- at least that way, I know that I look decent, considering the compliments I got at Summer's party. Make up, hair- it takes thirty minutes, and then I'm bounding downstairs for breakfast, glowing with something that cannot be manufactured and packaged by the likes of Dior or M.A.C. I'm radiant and beaming- I'm a girl in love.

Today, I am going to confess.

I have it all planned out perfectly. During history- our only shared class this year- I'll take out the crane I carefully folded last night on an impulse. On the wings I've written "Will you go out with me?". It's corny and elementary school, but that's how we roll. And besides, we've been best friends for ages now, and he's not the type to get icked out by mushy cuteness.

"What's going on at school, today?" My mother asks with her attention half focused on me. I swallow down the piece of cantaloupe I have in my mouth and attempt to feign nonchalance.

"Oh, nothing. I'm just glad it's Friday." A huge smile consumes my face; I grin stupidly because right now, life is great. I'm in love with my best friend, and I can't wait to tell him. It hit me yesterday, and I'm too impatient to keep in such news any longer. I want to tell him.

I don't even think about his reaction.

School flies by. I nap during AP Government, because the class is a joke and we have a substitute who can't figure out the VCR player. During Pre-Calc, I can't concentrate and end up drawing hearts absentmindedly on my desk. Mr. Hunn catches me and gives me detention after school to wash it all off.

During the short twenty minute break we have for lunch, I try to find him, but he's outside with his other friends. I give the snow one look and decide to stay in the warm, heated cafeteria. Even love can't beat my inane fear of slipping on the ice.

Right before I'm about to leave for history class, he runs inside and catches me. He gives me a huge smile. We don't bother with greetings, and jump right into easy conversation as we walk to class together. My heart pulsates. How could I have not known earlier? This- it's perfect. Easy. Natural. Not anything like the relationships I've been in this past year.

I slip into my seat in front of him and rummage in my bag, trying to find the crane so I can present it to him at the best moment, when he taps me on the shoulder. I turn around, with my best I-am-beautiful-kiss-me face on.

"Yeah?" I notice Kat Edwards giving me a weird look so I tone down the facial expression.

He looks deliriously happy, almost like I feel. "I wanted you to be the first to know." He beckons for me to lean in so he can whisper in my ear. "I asked Chelsea Davis out... She said yes."

And suddenly, my hand drops from my bag, even though I've already touched the folded crane. I automatically smile for my best friend, though. "That's great! I'm so happy for you guys." I turn back around into my seat, the fake smile still plastered on.

I am so stupid. Oh Lord, I am stupid.

Tears glisten in my eyes and linger on my eyelashes, but I blink them away. And when I turn back around, to ask about the new couple and congratulate them once more, I speak with warmth and genuine joy for them.

Because I'm a girl in love, and he is my best friend.

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