A Beautiful Dream

December 22, 2010
By miamiluva77 BRONZE, Cary, North Carolina
miamiluva77 BRONZE, Cary, North Carolina
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Favorite Quote:
"The past did affect the present and the future, in ways you could see and a million ones you couldn't. Time wasn't a thing you could divide easily; there was no defined middle or beginning or end. I could pretend to leave the past behind, but it would not leave me."
— Sarah Dessen

This story may seem like a cliché especially from the introduction but just to set the tone I shall start with once upon a time. Once upon a time there was a young girl just seven years of age. Her mother decided it was time for the young girl to make new friends that believed in the same things the family believed in. The mother took the child to a weeklong VBS program at a little church. The little girl hid behind her mother as she hauled her toward the church's entrance. As the mother left her daughter in line the little girl began to speak with one of the other little girls that looked about her age and they became fast friends. The little girl felt she had finally found a place.

The family ended up joining the church. As little girl began to grow up there she made many friends whom she intended to keep for life. The little girl made three best friends there two girls and one boy two of them were brother and sister and the children of the pastor. The little girl felt ultimately blessed to know these people. She became truly happy and comfortable where she was.

One Christmas Eve about three years after the little girl began going there, she was around ten now, was hiding under the porch with the one boy. They would giggle and then began to hush one another so the adults wouldn't hear them and make them come up and sing bothersome Christmas songs. The girl took a long moment to study the boy and take in all his features and think about his personality for the first time and in that moment she fell for him. She had no intention of ever telling him how she felt.

The girl and boy became inseparable they spent many moments together becoming teenagers. Both of them developed crushes on other people and would console one another about it; each one of their crushes ending in one going to the other in tears trying to figure where they had gone wrong. The girl always still had the deeper feelings for the boy but held it deep down.

One day when she was around thirteen the girl decided she couldn't hold her feelings in any longer and she blurted it out in one of their countless conversations about love. The boy sat there for a moment and then said he felt the same way but he couldn't be with the girl because he also had feelings for other girls. The girl was crushed and promised never to let her feelings show again.

A year later the young woman went camping with the youth group she loved immensely. The young man had begun to see her and only she and he wanted to tell her. As the young woman and young man sat around the fire he blurted it out, he had fallen in love with her, and she had finally heard exactly want she wanted. She was the luckiest person to ever walk the earth.
The young man and young woman stayed together on and off for a year. In this time they shared many special moments including their first kisses with one another. They both fell deeply in love and they both became very scared especially the young man. The young man became very distant and proceeded to end it saying he just didn't love her anymore. The young woman fell to pieces.

The young woman was sixteen now; she was seeing someone else but she was still in love with the young man. The young man had had two girlfriends since her, the young woman and young man continued to be best friends but everything about their relationship was rocky. The young woman believed he didn't care about their friendship by the way he was treating her; he rarely tried to talk to her, be around her, or tried to help her the way she helped him in everything he did. One day the young woman blew up at him and he responded just as brutally. She believed she had ruined everything.

Ever since the fight the man and woman did not speak. Everyone said the man was jealous that the woman had someone new in her life. The woman believed no one; if he cared he would have told her, right? She just watched, prayed and worried about him all the time she always wondered if he ever thought of her but she could never tell she would see him look at her some times that same look in his eyes she just looked at her hand and shook off the feeling. All hope put into the quote "whatever’s meant to be will happen." There story still continues today. He will always be her beautiful dream.

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