December 22, 2010
By knightsky GOLD, Wellington, Florida
knightsky GOLD, Wellington, Florida
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I’m sorry.” The words roll off the tip of my tongue in an almost inaudible whisper. I’ve dreamed of this moment, ever since we first began discussing the ordeal of meeting once again; never could I have imagined, though, that my first words would be such. But seeing him standing before me once more cause a tear to trickle down my cheek and those two words are all I could manage. He doesn’t quite know to what my apology refers to, but that doesn’t matter. He proceeds to wrap his arms around me, encasing me in his warmth, his familarity. Security sets in. Never have I felt so safe, so secure, than I do right then, in his arms. “Shhh.” He whispers, his mouth in close proximity to my ear. I can feel his breath warm on my neck as he reassuringly says, “Everything will be alright.” He runs his fingers through my hair, as a mother would her child when they are frightened. I burrow my face into his shoulder and the world around us begins to fade away, as do my doubts. Nothing else in the world matters to me, but his presence; his protection. I find myself thinking that this is how things should be; that I would be perfectly content spending my life forever in his arms. And thats its exactly what I resolved to do - I refuse to let him get away this time; I will never let go. In fact, I don’t think I could, even if I tried.

The author's comments:
My first true work of fiction. But I'm hoping it won't stay that way ;)

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