Am I it?

December 21, 2010
By Ren_Miyazawa GOLD, Anna, Texas
Ren_Miyazawa GOLD, Anna, Texas
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I sit again on Main street and Hollywood boulevard. I watch the night sky slowly creep up stars slowly appear but not very well due to the brightness of the city, the sun falls slowly going away. Most people pass me looking at me like I'm garbage. Some people stop and talk to me only because they think I'm a hooker. They way I dress is very poor i wear a belly shirt torn up and short shorts with holes on some parts of it. I sat on this corner for four years of my life since my mom died and my dad left us. I have no contact to my grandparents so I don't know where to look. Day after day I go work at a car wash to earn some money to eat that night its never a lot but its enough that I can start some what saving up. I get payed thirty dollars a day i eat with five of it and save twenty-five of it so I can get new cloths one day and some where better to live. My house is a little dog house that some one threw out. I have no friends and I'm known as IT to everyone here. I hear them speaking "Hey there's IT when is IT going to go find somewhere else to take up space at that little wh*re needs to get out of this city. IT has no purpose and no life maybe IT will go die one day" they laugh as they say that. But they don't know. They don't know what I have gone through or how tough my life is. I finally just stand up and start walking up main street my eyes to the ground watching my bare feet walking on the ground around all the people with very nice shoes and cloths on. I finally decide to go to a restaurant a cheap place. I ordered a hamburger and small fries. I make no eye contact since I'm not the prettiest person my hair was blond but matted my icy blue eye showed the sadness in my life my pale color of my skin made me look sickly. I hear a guys voice speak to me after I order. "Hey arn't you the girl that sits on Main street and Hollywood Boulevard?" I swallow and almost in a whisper. "Yes, yes sir I am." He hands me my food. "Wait for me in here or outside I'm almost done with work I would like to speak to you." I shake my head saying yes. "will do I'll be outside sitting though." I go outside and eat in silence listening to conversations of everyone around me what they say about me. I wait ten minuets and then he comes out. "thanks for waiting come on I'm going to take you some where." He puts his hand down towards me "Tell me where your taking me or I'm going to stay here. your not going to take me away." He laughs. "No I'm taking you to the lake its peaceful there and not many people are ever there." I get up but not look up. I feel him watching me. We finally get to the Lake, no one was even there it was dark n the only sounds where from animals and the lake moving slowly. "So I was wondering why are you called IT?" I Jolted at that name. "Well I'm called it because no one knows my name I been known as you know what for four years after my mom died. I live on my own." He layed on the soft dark green grass and looked at the sky. "So whats your real name? I never heard it before." I sit there for a moment. "Well my name is Kizma." He smiles. "Beautiful name I'm Eric. How old are you? I'm 17." "I'm 16" I sit and I look at the sky. My hair out of my face for the first time in four years. "Wow. Your beautiful your eyes are so blue and your skin is so smooth. Hey its getting late yo want to come over to my house my mom would most likely let you stay in the guest bedroom." I let my hair fly back over my eyes. "sure." I smile...

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