Rembrance of Childhood memories

December 23, 2010
By , Phoenix, AZ
She sits gawking at her computer, a name that has not crossed her path in years has finally found its way into her inbox on Face Book. Scrolling down she finds his number, she dials 623-606-0893 he answers with an ,“Oh my F***ing God, Lillian Grace is that you. I just looked at you face book and thought D*** “she” looks good, how have you been?” She responds “Thanks Rick you look really good too. It has been so long since we have seen each other. I have been great, how about you?” “I have been amazing, how many years has it been now 6 or 7?” he asks. “It’s been six years and so much has changed,” says Lilly. “Really have you kissed any guys recently?” he jokingly asks. “No, I have not found the right one, how about you?, have you kissed any girls recently?” “ Oh, hey that’s okay, don’t worry you will find him. And to answer your question I have kissed many girls over the past six years haha,” he replies. “Thanks Rick that makes me happy and that is very cool. So I notice you are still cussing, how has that been going for you haha?”she retorts. “It has been going pretty well haha, why?, do you not cuss?”he asks with interest. She laughs “Haha of course I cuss. No thanks to you”. “What do you mean lil?”he asks defensively. “Well, If i do not recall you were the little jersey boy who taught me every curse word in kindergarten haha” she states sophisticatedly. The phone is silent and then Rick says “ Haha I remember that now. And if I don’t recall I was also your first kiss, do you remember that.” In shock she sits and then says “ Oh my God of course I do, but how the h*** do you remember that”? “Why wouldn’t I remember that?” “ I don’t know, I just thought you wouldn’t remember considering it was so long ago. Do you even remember why you kissed me in the first place?” she honestly asks. He begins to say “ To be honest I do remember, you were.....” But his words begin to fade ,as Lilly remembers the little girl with white blonde corkscrew pig tails, who wore a navy blue dress. There she stands , with two other young graceful little girls hand-in-hand, twirling in a circle singing " Ring Around the Rosy" as they fall onto their backs. Each of them giggling as they look up at the sky. The sun’s orange rays shine on each of their little white porcelain faces. Their eyes close while three big smiles swim across their faces. They can feel the heat sinking into their pores, the warmth drenching their golden locks with shimmering color. All at once the they open their eyes wide. One sits up, wipes the bits of moist grass off her hands and begins to look around her. The other two are still lying on their backs gazing up at the cerulean colored sky hoisted high above them. They are fascinated by the snowy white clouds soaring across the sky. Each cloud is unique and special in its own way, just like the three girls dressed in beige and blue school uniforms beneath the baby blue atmosphere. The field is quiet, there is nothing but the sound of cool wind whistling through the surrounding trees. This bothers the little girl in blue, she feels as if something is wrong. She thinks to herself “it is to quiet”. The other two girls are too busy giggling, they do not notice the stillness around them. Soon she shrugs off the feeling and turns to her pony tailed friends. In unison they say “ We should play again.” Lilly shakes her head and says “ No we should play tag and you are it Jessie Taylor.” But before Jessie can tag anyone. The little one’s childish play is interrupted by a group of unwanted, but definitely expected visitors. Right in front of them stands a group of Kindergarten boys. They look at the girls each of them wearing white polo shirts and blue shorts except for one. This one is face to face with Lillian, looking her straight in the eye as the others watch them. He unlike the other boys, is in a green polo shirt and khaki shorts. The two girls take a step back and the other four boys take a step forward, as if they are about to chase them. The brown eyed, brown haired boy looks over his shoulder and signals to his friends 'go.’ He looks back at Lillian and grabs her wrists as she begins to squirm. She has no desire to play “Capture the Queen” and Ricky is very much aware of this. But he does not care instead he turns her around and moves her hands behind her back while he walks her to his fortress. She is unable to glance back behind her, due to the strong grip Rick has on her wrists. Nevertheless, she can hear the girls screaming 'Go Away and give us Lilly.’ But there is nothing she can do except become the hostage in this imaginary war charade. The two arrive at the castle otherwise known as the 'play ground’. She sits there on the black floor with her hands wrapped around the red metal bars. He stands there looking at her with an annoyed face as she yells “ Let me go, you will have to kill me because I will never tell you anything”. In return he replies with an evil grin, “ That can be arranged.” She feels her stomach drop as she begins to say “ No no don’t kill me, please don’t kill me.” Over and over she repeats this phrase, so much to the point that Rick loses his patience and gives up. “Okay Okay I won’t kill you, now will you please shut the f*** up,” he says with an irritated tone. But Lilly continues on and on saying “I will never tell, never never.....” Ricky becomes very aggravated by her uncontrollable talking and then decides that he can not take it anymore. He leans in with out any forethought and kisses her smack dab on the lips, and in turn she kisses him back. But they are not alone the others have joined them and are looking upon the scene with horror. The two pull away from one another and wipe the kisses onto their arms while they both say “Yuck.” The eight little ones now end their war and soon forget about all that happened during their game, except for the girl in the blue dress with blonde corkscrew pig tails and the boy in the green shirt and khaki shorts with short chocolate brown hair. No the two of them will later learn that even after six years of not seeing one another and no contact, that kiss would be forever in their memory. Soon the past fades and Lilly finds herself back in the present as her name becomes clear to her ears. She finally realizes, that Rick is on the other end of the phone asking “Lil, Lil, Lillian Grace are you still there?” She jolts back into reality and answers ‘’Yeah, I’m still here I was just dozing that’s all.” “ Well did you hear what I said?” he asks puzzled. “ Oh yeah sorry ha ha. You said it was because I was p*ssing you off like I normally did” she says.” Yes thats exactly what I said, do you remember what happened that day?” he eagerly asks. Her response is” Not really”,( but in reality that day was never forgot), “How bout you?.” “Well yeah I do, haha I remember liking it when i kissed you but, i acted like I didn’t haha. The things we do when we are naive and in puppy dog love .” “Yeah” she responds as sits still on her bed, wondering why she remembered that day. Maybe he was right. Maybe what Rick said was true, “ Fun and good things are never forgotten Lilly and that’s why we remember it”

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