Can You Feel Me Now (part 2)

December 25, 2010
By Leona123 SILVER, Kokomo, Indiana
Leona123 SILVER, Kokomo, Indiana
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Chapter 2

“Jack? Jack!!!!!!!!!!!” Kane yelled, “Are we going to go to the library before the end of the year or not!”
“What? Oh yeah, sorry, forgot about that. Let’s go.”
As the two juniors headed down the hall toward the double doors, Jack glanced back and saw the blonde was turning away from the window that looked out into the hall.

Later at the library, Jack glanced up to look around the lightly packed reference section.
“For the last time, Jack, she’s not here!” Kane stressed.
“What makes you think that I’m looking for ‘her’” Jack asked. Just after he asked that he looked up as the doors opened. “And who is ‘her’?”
Kane rolled his eyes. “You know; the blonde girl you were gaping at when we left.” He gazed into the distance briefly, “By the way, her name is Sophi, Sophi Sheridan.” Jack gaped at him for a couple of minutes.
“Why would you say that?” He asked.
“Well, I knew that you would be asking around trying to find out, so I thought I would save you the trouble.”
“Can we get back to work now? Please.” He added as an afterthought.
They worked into the night. Several things never left their minds, Sophi, and Food.

Chapter 3
Scene of the beautiful girl studying in front of him filled his sight. Her sweet perfume filled his nose and flooded his senses, the touch of her soft hand in his as he held it. The sound of her light breathing, coming out in little puffs as she concentrated.
He was suddenly over come with the urge to ask if she needed help. Instead of answering, her brow just furrowed. He desperately wanted to reach over and caress her cheek. Her shoulders tensed as she tried to think through a tough homework question. He was about to reach over and take her face in his hands when a dull buzzing noise interrupted his thoughts. He tried to push it out, but, ironically, it got louder.
Finally he yelled “SHUT UP!!!! Leave Sophi and me alone in peace.” When it persisted he started thrashing around, searching for the distraction.
Then he was falling. Falling into, nothing. When he hit something hard, the breath was knocked out of him, his eyes forced open.
“Jack?!” His mom hollered from down stairs in the kitchen. “Jack Regan Wright?! Are you okay? Answer me!” she called. He could hear her coming up the stairs.
“I’m ok Mom! Don’t bother coming up.”
“What was that noise?” she asked.
“That was me falling out of bed mom, don’t worry.”
“Whatever you say son.”
Jack wearily got up and looked around his room. His bed was in shambles, his alarm clock was buzzing and beeping louder and louder as the minutes progressed.
Finally, he had had enough. He walked right over to the outlet and yanked the cord out.
He was so steamed; he was left feeling worried about the girl who had been sitting in front of him one moment, and gone the next.
He grudgingly got up and dressed.

As the door closed behind him and the winter weather greeted him, a sleek dark green convertible pulled up in front of his house, the top was up (of course). The window rolled down slowly, and Kane poked his head out so he could see his best friend.
“You coming? Or are you going to walk to school in this crappy weather?” He gestured up to the sky.
“It really isn’t that bad.” Jack said, as soon as he said it, the sky blackened and it started sleeting.
“Just get in you goober.” Kane hollered over the thundering of the tiny balls of ice against the car and houses.
Jack ran around the car at what seemed like lightning speed and slid onto the smooth leather seat.
“I forget, how long have you had this bad boy?” Jack asked.
“Since my 16th birthday, don’t you remember, you were at the unveiling.”
“Oh yeah; what year is this convertible.”
“It’s a 1967 Chevrolet Corvette. My parent’s got it for me because they said it ‘matches my emerald eyes’.”
Right. Kane’s parents are like, multi trillionares, but that’s not why Kane and Jack are friends. They’re friends because in 2nd grade Kane saved his life.
He pulled Jack out of the way of a train traveling at like 100 mph.
“We’re here.” Kane said pulling Jack out of his thought.
They got out of the car at the exact same moment that a light blue Volkswagen pulled into the space across from them; and out got Sophi.
Jack stopped in his tracks, his door still wide open. She was staring at her phone, oblivious to the world as she headed across the parking lot toward the school.
“Dude, we’re going to be late in like 4 minutes. Are we going or aren’t we?” Kane asked.
“Sure,” Jack said, still looking after her.
As they took their turn crossing one of the many sections of the parking lot, several yards in front of them, a bus was charging at 65 mph toward Sophi.
She seemed oblivious “One second,” Jack called as he sprinted as fast as he could toward Sophi.

The author's comments:
I got several comments on part one and I decided that I wanted to follow up and find out what happens.

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on Jan. 2 2011 at 11:39 am
Leona123 SILVER, Kokomo, Indiana
6 articles 1 photo 16 comments

Thanks I'll keep writing


ksoderlund said...
on Jan. 1 2011 at 9:37 pm
Really like the depth of Jack.  Can't wait to see where you go with this!  Keep it up Lindsay.


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