Homecoming Game

December 24, 2010
By Anonymous

I'm not much of a football fan, and don't understand much about it. But, I knew my intentions that night were not to watch our school's football team play, it was to make a memory that will forever sustain in my head.
I met up with my best friend afterschool; we made plans to hang at the game together. But something got over us, which had spoiled the day already. I arrived early at the game just sitting and receiving death glares from my so called “best friend”. That’s when I called him. He appeared by my side no longer after 10 minutes of the desperate phone call. Having him by my side relieved me; I felt the loneliness shaken off of me and the glow of happiness inside of me burst.

I attempted to play football which failed miserably, but soon after that we just sat on a rusted old bench far away from society, and watched the crowds of people. We shared a few soft delicate kisses, and admired the stars glow that night. The football game ended very quickly after that, I hadn’t even realized our team lost till I got home. As we were walking home, we passed the big grassy hill that was by the football field. We carelessly fell on the soft ground, and kissed under the black sky covered with stars. After the kiss, I look at him, and caught a glimpse of a smile shining off his face and heard a soft sound coming from him, saying “I love you.” We eventually had to stop kissing, since his little sister was getting impatient and was scared of the dark. I was certainly not afraid of the dark, especially after that night knowing the best things in life should be unseen and in the dark.

The author's comments:
My Loved One, Inspired me to write all the memories we have had or yet to come. I feel though it wasn't the best I could write, and it was a bit corny... but somewhere out there has to be one person to like it

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