Sentenced to a Life of Pain

December 16, 2010
By Langll55 BRONZE, Perry, Ohio
Langll55 BRONZE, Perry, Ohio
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They sat in the abandoned junkyard, holding each other tightly. The clouds hung low, and thunder rolled across the sky, as if threatening them. He whispered in her ear, gently brushing his fingertips against her forehead.

“I love you so much, you know that right?” He asked, a single tear rolling down his cheek.

“Yes, of course! I love you too. Are you okay, Babe?” She whispered back.

“I need you to run, I need you to get as far away from here as you possibly can!” He whispered, more tears dripping to the floor.

“What are you talking about? I’m staying with you!” She was confused of his sudden urge to get rid of her.

“No, you need to go! Just remember this, I love you, Selena, nothing can change that, even if I die, you will always be in my heart.” He pleaded combing her hair back behind her ear.

“Danny, what are you talking about!” Selena wiped away some of his tears, as she sprouted tears of her own. Selena started to get worried, so she gripped Danny.

“You know, I always thought that when I turned 19 and you turned 18, we could run away together. Get married, have beautiful children, and live a perfect life with the women I am in love with… but, that’s gone. My future has faded away. But yours hasn’t, Selena, you need to run away. You have to escape, before anything happens to you I know I will regret. You have to go now!” Danny kissed Selena one last time, before he stood up.

“I love you so much.” Danny whispered.

“I’m not leaving! Danny, what’s wrong! Tell me!” Selena screamed, clutching on to his waist. Their tears were falling hard now, Danny started shaking frantically.

“Run Selena! Why you have the chance! Trust me!” Danny nudged her to the exit, and Selena looked back. In that moment, the ground shook insanely, splitting open. Danny pushed her hard to the exit, and Selena ran in fear.

“Danny!” She cried.

“Run Selena! Don’t you dare look back! I will never forget you!” Danny cried out, his voice cracked.

Selena ran to the exit, and hid behind an old beat up tire. Selena wouldn’t stop crying, tears kept falling, but she kept her eyes open and observed. Then, as if out of no where.

Someone appeared in front of Danny, holding what looked like to be a deed. This man had thick black hair, black eyes, and pale white skin. He looked dead, from his appearance.

“Right on time, Daniel.” The man smiled, and stepped closer to Danny.

“It’s Danny.” Danny replied softly. Danny stood up straight confidently, but on the inside, it was obvious he was terrified.

“You hide your fear well, Danny.” The man said still with the same gruff tone as before. “Now let’s talk business. You have agreed to the terms and conditions of selling your soul to Satan, blah blah blah, reason being for saving your girlfriends life, now, let’s get to the fun part.” The man announced menacingly. He grabbed Danny by the collar and started pulling him to the crack in the ground.

“P-please, can we do something less drastic! I mean I’m so young! I didn’t even live life yet!” Danny pleaded to the man which assuming he was dragging Danny to what seemed to be the portal to the underworld, was Satan.

“Yes, very true. Aged souls are much more valuable down in the underworld. But, I’m not letting you off so easy, I’m going to make you suffer enough on earth, until you finally want to die. Then, if you lived a well life, without doing extreme bad stuff, I may consider you to go to heaven. But hey, I’m only Satan, so who knows what I will do.” Satan boomed a laugh which shook all of the junk in the junk yard.

“Okay, lets make a deal. I turn you into what your realm calls a “Werewolf”, and you get to suffer the pain of each time you transform. The feeling of your bones morphing and changing. Bending and breaking, oh, this will be a show. And then I will allow you to go to, what your realm calls, Heaven.” Satan announced pushing Danny away from the edge and closing up the dirt.

“D-deal.” Danny agreed. Satan cut Danny’s hand in one swift slash and stamped it to a old looking scroll.

“Pleasure doing business with you, Danny.” Satan smiled, snapped his fingers and Danny floated into the air with a purple aura around him. Then a mist came from the ground and swirled around Danny like a snake. Danny watched, shaking in fear, as the mist went up, then floated into his mouth. Then, the aura was sucked into him, and Danny fell to the dirt.

“W-wait, Satan, sir..” Danny called as he started walking away.

“I have other souls to claim now, I am not one to be late, so what do you want?” He replied.

“Can I still see Selena?” Danny said worriedly.

“Yes, but try not to eat her, okay?” Satan laughed loudly walking into the darkness.

The author's comments:
This is just the prologue of it. I am not rushing this story. This is just the explanation of what comes later in the story.

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