True Love's Embarace

December 19, 2010
The pads of my finger tips brushed the spiky soft grass as I made my way through the calm meadow. Wildflowers sprayed the colors of glistening pears, some blue as a tranquil, clear sky, others red as blood on snow, while the rest as gold as a lion’s mane. A soft caressing breeze whispered through my hair, and I smiled to myself as the subtle taste of proud pine trees danced on my tongue from behind me. I positioned myself on the large rock on the stream’s edge. An orange blur of koi swam beneath me, moving in time with the stream’s babbling rhythm.

I smiled as I felt a hand on shoulder. I stood up slowly and turned around to see my love standing in front of me. His body took on a soft golden outline from the evening sun. His fingers entangled themselves around mine and he smiled at me, leaning his forehead against mine.

“You came.” I breathed softly.

Another smile twitched on his face. “Of course I came, my Love.” He kissed me once softly and my stomach twisted into a giddy, happy knot.

I freed one of my hands and pulled him gently to the grass. We lay next to each other, silent and staring up at the endless blue sky for a time. Our hands cradled together as if the world would end in flames if we parted even for a second. He turned his head to gaze at me and I could see all the love and passion in the dark velvet brown depths of his eyes. He reached over with his free hand and caressed the length of my cheek once with his thumb.

Another soft breeze swept through the valley swirling my hair and blocking my vision of him. He gently pushed the unruly strands of hair and tucked them behind my ear. I let go of his hand and slid closer into his side, resting my head against his chest and he enveloped his arms around me in the same matter our hands once were. The soft even drumming of his heart was more enchanting than the sweetest lullaby anyone could ever play.

I could feel his hot breath on my head as he kissed it. “I love you,” he murmured into my hair.

“I love you too.” The four small words seemed so insignificant compared to my feelings for him. ‘Love’ couldn’t even begin to describe this emotion that welled up inside of me every time I saw him or felt his simple touch. Without him I am nothing, without him I am an empty, lifeless shell.

The air around us was cooling as the sun started to sink. I hugged myself closer to him knowing all too well that we would have to depart soon. An almost inaudible sigh escaped his lips and I clutched myself closer to him. I wanted to become a permanent feature on his chest, to never leave him. He whispered my name in the voice I knew that meant our time was up. He sat up and gently pushed me from him as if I wasn’t using all of my strength. He held my hand tightly and pulled me to my feet. I wrapped my arms around him refusing to let him leave and he did the same. We would hold each other in true love’s embrace for eternity.

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Lucian969 said...
Dec. 29, 2010 at 11:55 am
The most beautiful story ever written.
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