This fake smile

December 8, 2010
"I win" you say as you kick me. We always have the same competition everyday, who can land the most kicks. Not that we want to hurt each other, its just what we do. I honestly don't remember how it started, but I don't really care. I think that's how it is with everything about you. I don't know when I started liking you or how, but I do. And maybe it was the day we really got to talk. Remember? We just clicked, turns out we had the same sort of backround. "Band isn't over yet" I say through a smirk, concealing my feelings. In one swift movement My foot is thrown, and caught, and I fall to the ground. 'come on, help me up' I think to myself. Even if I don't fall on purpose (because as you know, I am very unbalanced) I always wish you would help me back up. Even the smallest touch of your hand sends sparks up my spine. Yet sadly, all you do is stand there and stare, you stand there and wonder why I always fall. Behind my eyes if you really looked, you would see. "You know that if you grab my foot I fall!" I tell him as I grip a chair for balance. "Yeah, I know" you say. but you never look past the fake attitude I put forward. I have a feeling, you never will.

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