Lets kiss and be alright shall we. revised

December 13, 2010
By WickedLovley SILVER, Denver, Colorado
WickedLovley SILVER, Denver, Colorado
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So I went to go see Travis and Deanna again this weekend, and I found Deana sitting on the couch in an old sweat shirt eating nachos, and Jack bouncing up and down on her lap. While she watched her new favorite soap Opera. She uttered a slow quiet hello and glanced up only for a second and then her eyes went back to the television.
I promised my self I wouldn’t stay late like the last time I would leave early as to miss the scenario I had with Travis the other night. Before I even sit down after hugging Jack and saying hello, Travis walks out of the bedroom and heads to the kitchen. He seems a little better he offers a cheery hello then goes and sits on the kitchen table, staring at me.
“How come you don't say hello to me like that any more. Travis sweetie" Deanna yells.
I just stare felling remorseful for coming here again. I notice Travis is now staring at me looking at my legs I’m wearing the new shorts my mom bought for me with her McDonalds money they’re denim and kind of short I must admit. They cut off a little shorter than mid thigh. My legs are getting tanner; thank God I don’t look like a ghost that much anymore.
"Nice shorts Evelyn, were did you get them!" Deanna offers, it seemed like she meant it sarcastically but I ignore it and tell here they are from my Grandmother.
Travis snickers and walks off into his bedroom again. Deanna scoots over on the couch to give me some room and waves her hand at the seat to suggest I sit if I dare. I hear Travis laughing in the bedroom; I wonder what he is laughing about.
"So how ya been Evelyn?" Deanna asks.
“Good,” I sort of mutter “how have you been Jacks growing pretty fast.”
I add not giving her time to answer the first question. She nods and doesn’t answer guessing that I really don’t want to know the answer. I sit and watch the show with her as the time passes by. Travis walks back out of the bedroom and heads for the door. "Were you going?" Deanna retorts.
“To the store were else." Travis bellows.
I feel out of touch when, how, why, are they always fighting. Travis leaves banging the door behind him Jack stirs in Deanna’s arms but he doesn't wake. This must be a routine if he can sleep through it. Deanna gets up to put him to sleep and plods back in to the living room with her pink bunny slippers on her feet. She offers me a soda like she always does. But this time instead of grabbing a Tab for her self she garbs a beer. Now I wonder when did this start so I ask. She shrug’s her shoulders and offers a sigh. Then we sit in silence for I don’t know how long I get a little drowsy and decide to rest my eyes for a while before I excuse myself and leave.
But when I open my eyes again it’s to the sound of Travis unlocking the front door. I look at the wall clock its 11 pm to dark for me to walk back home why I did this again. He shuts the door quietly then looks up at me and winks as a sign of hello. I wink back as if this were a game he almost bursts out in laughter, but holds it together as to not wake Deanna or Jake. "You want a ride home?" He quietly whispers.
I nod and start to get up, that’s when I see him looking at my semi tan legs in my super short shorts. Well they aren’t that short but they are much shorter than any I have ever worn. I get up completely and start to head to the door. He opens it and lets me through first. He then closes the door quietly and locks it I’m already waiting by the Datsun he starts to whistle as he heads to the car. I recognize the tune its true love by um I forgot the name. He leans forward and I feel his hot breath against my ear as he unlocks the door to the passenger seat. I get in not waiting for him to cross over to his side. Then I buckle and wait for him to start the car. He rolls onto the highway and it’s completely silent in the car. Then he begins to talk.
"So Evi Evi Evelyn how ya been?"
“Fine.” I answer.
“Hey are you hungry by any chance?"
I would say no but I haven’t had anything since breakfast this morning. I would love that I say. He takes the exit and heads toward the Dairy Queen. He stops and parks in front of the glassy doors of the restraint. We can go through the drive thru I say.
“Oh its no hassle lets eat in semi style Evelyn."
Okay I murmur we walk into the bright lights of the Dairy Queen, I squint the light in here is really bright. He leads me to a booth in the back and then he leaves to order as I head to the bathroom to wash my hands this is the way I like a fast food place deserted no one in sight. But when I come from the bathroom business has boomed there are people everywhere I turn. I head back to the booth and Travis is sitting there smiling his bright teeth gleaming in the fluorescent lighting. I make all these little mental notes of how he looks in here fine, refined, and amazing better than I could have ever imagined. He has a little stubble now not so much but enough to be noticed. He watches me eat my burger and I watch him watching me it’s like a secret language. I ask him were his food is and he shrugs and answers,
"I ate already plus I knew you would be starving, ill have ice cream later though."
Kay I answer I finish the burger and eat some fries handing him the rest he gulps them down even though he had said that he had been full. He gets up as soon as I finish chewing and I follow suite, he heads to the counter and orders two ice cream cones one dipped in chocolate for me and one strawberry for him.
"Enjoy Evi Evi!" he says almost yells then he laughs kind of loud kind of soft.
We head back to the car he unlocks the doors and we both slip in to the dark Datsun. He makes a few turns and we are on the highway again this time heading the way to my house. He kills the engine as soon as we stop by the house, we are quiet for a while but as I reach for the handle that’s when I hear him.
"Evelyn would you mind taking a walk with me?"
Sure I murmur we both open the doors at the same time heading toward the path that leads under the highway and to the field just past the bridge. We walk and are quiet for a while soon I can only see the dim light of the light post outside the tree line apartment complexes. Then Travis stops walking all of a sudden and asks me a question.

"Evelyn what did you mean when you said that I had had a choice? Huh Evelyn what did you mean?"
I don’t answer I feel as if my heart has stopped I just stare at my feet.
"Did you mean you Evelyn, did you?" He pesters.
I still don't answer my heart is now beating pretty fast why had I said that.
“I think I want to go back now Travis it’s getting late.” I say.
As I turn to leave he grabs my upper arm and turns me toward him, he then plants a big one right on my lips not Deanna’s lips my lips. “Yes!” I almost sputter. “Yes I meant me.” He smiles and his head starts to drop to my face again going for another kiss. My lips feel like they are electrified I keep quiet as he lifts his head up to look at the moon or the stars. He lets go off my arm and turns to start leaving. Were you going I almost scream.

“I thought you wanted to go back home?" He says.
“Not any more silly.” I reply he then hurries back and kisses me again this one harder tougher more rugged, more wanting you know what I mean this one was more insisting. We hold hands and start to head back to the apartment complexes. Letting go as soon as we break through the parking lot. Just in case one of our mothers sees us.
"You know my mom went to go see my dad right?"
No I didn’t know that I answer.
”Yeah I think she wanted to check on him and his new girl but she said she was going to see my brother."
You don’t believe her I ask.
"Not really."
Were at his car now but I don’t feel like leaving. Then all of a sudden there is rain drizzling it starts pounding harder we both look up and start to giggle. He tells me good night and I walk towards my door, but he doesn’t get back in the Datsun just yet. When I get in no one is awake I head to my room and open my bedroom window I love the smell of rain. My hair is already wet so why not take a shower. I head to the bathroom and hurry to finish my shower so I can get to my room and lay in bed thinking of what just happened in the last two hours. When I get into my bedroom I am surprised to see Travis sitting there on my bed petting one of the cats. He looks up as I enter in my bathroom towel I feel embraced. Before I say a word to him I grab my night gown off my desk chair and head to my bathroom to change. What are you doing here I whisper getting out of the bathroom once again.
"I couldn’t leave I can’t go back home, not now."
He lays down the cat stretching out on his belly she seems comfortable. I walk to the bed and sit on the edge. He moans as if he is in pain. What’s wrong I ask.
"I’ll tell you what’s wrong I married the wrong girl, how I could be such a dork."
Um Travis I mutter what are you going to do about Deanna not that I want you to dump her and run to me or anything well I’m just curious.
“I don’t know but we are both unhappy but ill never leave Jack mark my words NEVER.

The author's comments:
a redo on the story i put it up once already but had to redo it.

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