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December 4, 2010
By Odril BRONZE, Gurgaon, Other
Odril BRONZE, Gurgaon, Other
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He jogged on and on while the string of sweat steamed down his face.
He knew he had lost his way again.What with his I-pod swinging around with his craziest numbers and his head swirling with their intensity.He din't really care,he will just catch a cab.Here in New York,Cabs are everywhere you look.It's practically a yellow city.Or maybe it's okay to be lost.Especially ehen nobody is really waiting at home.

Then suddenly he came to an abrupt stop.
He knew this street.
This was where she lived.
The girl he had come to know by chance.
The girl who changed him,his life and became his world.
The girl who he had loved with every fragment of his casanova body.
The girl who had told him he was just another thing to be used and thrown.

As he stopped before her house,he looked up at the familiar row of windows he had the habit of looking at every secnd day,instantly recognising hers.He stood for endless minutes,unable to decipher the time.Unable to breath.Her.Her eyes,the way she smiled like a 4 year old,everything.His all.His life.Then his eyes gave way and he looked back at his reality and snapped out of the dream he had been living in.He looked back towards the empty street.And then he took a step forward,away from the place where the woman he loved lived.And another and another.Soon it became easy.He din’t even look back as a tear trickled down his handsome face.

Back in a silver room with orange wallpapers and white lamps,a girl stood near the windowsill.As she looked outside,she felt her heart break,break like never before.Then she turned her back to the storm brewing outside and whispered,”I am sorry baby,but I don’t have any time.”

A year later a man stood on the grave of the woman he loved.As he knelt down infront of her soul he remembered how easily she had looked into his eyes and told him it was going to be okay,just as she took her last breath and died.

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