December 1, 2010
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Dear Garet,

Why did you break my heart? Was she really that much better than me? How dare you

cheat on me. I thought you loved me this whole time….well….I was wrong…I was

wrong about everything. Everything we had, everything we could have had in the

future….it’s all gone because you thought you had a right to cheat on me for eight


You say it doesn’t hurt? You’re wrong. Just because you don’t see me crying

doesn’t mean I don’t hurt. You should’ve known this would hurt me considerably worse

than anything I have ever been through. But no, you’ll never know. Never know the

bruises I colored for you, cut’s I have made for you, hours I have spent sobbing on the

bathroom floor for you.

It doesn’t like you, you know—my floor—The tears you pull from my eyes each

night make it wet when it would rather be dry. My skin doesn’t like you either. It likes to

be smooth and flawless. Not raised with the scars and buises you throw at me.

All this said, I love you. But that doesn’t mean anything now. Just empty words

with no feeling whatsoever because you love her. You love Cady. You love the girl who

will never love you back AND YOU KNOW IT! AND YOU STILL LOVE HER!! How

is it even possible to still love her?!?! I just don’t know about that….

Now, this letter is resting safely under my bed, waiting for the day I muster up

enough courage to send it out into the early morning to find you. I hope it makes you

think twice before leave another girl loveless.

Your beautiful hater,


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