Always in My Heart

December 3, 2010
By Lost.In.Life BRONZE, Port Angeles, Washington
Lost.In.Life BRONZE, Port Angeles, Washington
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He looks down and sighs.

"Babe whats wrong?" I ask sincerely concerned, he is usually pretty up beat even if he's tired.

"Well I have something to tell you." he says letting go of my hand. Right away I lose sense of my surroundings, we were walking in the park surrounded by nothing but trees. I as any girlfriend would think, I thought he was breaking up with me.

"What is it?" I choke out hoping I didn't just burst into tears.
He sighs again and grabs my hand again.
"I'm moving." He says purposely not trying to look at me I could here him choke up anyways though.

"what, why?" I say I was relieved for a second now knowing he wasn't going to break up with me until...

"Wait, babe where? Why? How far?" I ask in a rush

"I'm going to move to Eugine. My parents think it's time for a change of scenery." Well that answered all my questions. He's still not looking at me, his long black hair is hiding his face which is bent down at the moment.

"oh but that's so far away! I'll never get to see you." I say as my eyes fill up with tears.

"Yea I know but I think this might be for the best you know everything happens for a reason. I'm sorry." He says finally looking up so that I can see his own tear stained face.

"So when do you leave?" I sob.

"tomorrow..." He says looking down at his chucks again.

"what!? You can't. Why so soon?"

"I knew about a month ago I just didn't want to make you worry." He said as tears gushed down his face.

"Well what time do you leave tomorrow?" I ask hoping I'll get to see him before he leaves tomorrow.

"At 5:30 in the morning." He says looking up to meet my gaze.

"You mean I don't get to say goodbye?" I complain knowing tomorrow my parents have planned for us to go visit my grandma early to be able to come back around 2:00 in the afternoon.

"This is goodbye, isn't it?" he says

"Well I guess so. will you ever come back and visit?"

"Yea maybe around once every two months; and I'm sorry to tell you but we can't keep it going if I'm gone all the time it'll be too hard." He says with a sorrowful look in his eyes.
I sigh knowing he's right, but also knowing it'll be a while before I'll be able to move on.

"I know. Can we at least stay in touch?" I ask hopefully.

"of course or else what would be my visits for anyways?" He says with a forced laugh.

"Okay..." I say doubtfully

"Well babe I'm sorry but I have to go pack. I'll call you before I leave and when I get there. And never forget how much I love you." He whispers the last part just before he leans in to kiss me for the last time.

"I love you too" I say after him as he walks away.

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on Dec. 10 2010 at 2:10 pm
Lost.In.Life BRONZE, Port Angeles, Washington
3 articles 0 photos 11 comments
 thanks so much :)

TerraTAZz GOLD said...
on Dec. 10 2010 at 9:32 am
TerraTAZz GOLD, Sapulpa, Oklahoma
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-carol burnett

Very sad! Loved it though!!!

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