But Sometimes People Lie

November 27, 2010
By Kaylin_Mackenzie GOLD, Tomball, Texas
Kaylin_Mackenzie GOLD, Tomball, Texas
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Seeing you with her tears me apart.

It eats me inside, and I’d rather die. You kiss her forehead the way you used to kiss mine. She giggles and bats her eyelashes the way I did mine. I can’t hide the way I feel inside; the tornado ready to be unleashed. But I must, for if I don’t, you’ll think less of me.

You told me that you loved me. You told me that you needed me. You told me that life wouldn’t be worth living with out me. You told me that I was the one. The only one for you. You told me that you’d take a bullet to the head to take my place. That’s what you told me.

But people lie sometimes.

Now, I hear you telling her you love her. I hear you telling her you need her. That life wouldn’t be worth living without her. There is talk of love forever. Like the talk we used to have.

But people lie sometimes.

I’m watching you from my place in Heaven. We’re told to forgive here. But forgiving is hard when the one you love has moved on oh so quickly. When the one you love lied.

And now, I hear you promise her that same promise you promised me; you’ll take a bullet to the head for her. Remember when we made that promise? You said you would die to save me.

But people lie sometimes

You give her a daisy; our flower. That was our flower. I remember when you asked me to prom, you covered my room with hundreds of daisies. Because I loved them. Almost as much as I love you. But now, you give her a daisy. I guess that proves you really do love her. And you’ve truly forgotten about me.

But I’ll never forget you. The whole ‘until death do you part’… You just forgot all about me once we parted. But I’ll never forget you. You said ‘I do’ and I believed you.

But people lie sometimes.

The author's comments:
Things in my head seem so real, so vivid, that they just have to be written down. I hope this is as real in your head as it is in mine.

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