November 27, 2010
By Kaylin_Mackenzie GOLD, Tomball, Texas
Kaylin_Mackenzie GOLD, Tomball, Texas
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“I love you.” You whispered into my hair. Your arms wrapped around me, and we stood in the park shaded by our tree.

It was late at night and we both snuck out to be together. Rain started to leak out of the sky and tears started to leak out of my eyes. You asked what was wrong and I said that I was crying because I had to go. You said I never had to leave, for you would never leave me.

And then you kissed me.

Right there in the rain.

After that, we were inseparable. Everywhere I was, you were there with me. When my dog died, and I cried and cried, you were there with me. When I didn’t make the musical, and I cried and cried, you were there with me. When my parents split, and I cried and cried, you were there with me.

Everything was perfect.

All I needed was you.

But everyday, I have to leave at 5 a.m to go to school. I have to leave our perfect fantasy. My dream. But I return whenever I close my eyes and drift into the world I have created for us.

And when I see you at school, I’m just ‘that girl’. Seventh period has become my special treat; I get to see you. But the treat comes especially in my dreams when we become one and all my fears and worries are washed away.

Thank you for those dreams.

If only they were reality.

The author's comments:
This was a very personal peice for me, because it came from my heart. Originally a journal entry, I wasn't going to post it, but then... Here it is...

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