The Night He Left Me

November 27, 2010
He was amazing. My everything and my all. I didn't deserve him. I wasn't the wonderful girl he deserved. But he loved me just the same. Staying out past curfew and kissing in the rain. The fighting over nothing and the outstanding apology that followed.

The first time he said he loved me.

It was amazing, all the times we had. It was better than being on Cloud 9; I can't describe it. The feeling, the connection, we had was like none that can be put into words. We were always together; when I was sick and couldn't go to school, he would go to each of my classes, risking being tardy and getting detention, to get all my assignments that he would help me with. When I was having a bad day with drama or my parents, he would come to my window and play his guitar while singing the song he wrote for me.

Those are the things he did.

And then, one day, the love of my life didn't come to school. I didn't think much of it, but then he didn't answer my calls. I began to worry. Going to his house, I prayed that everything was okay. Dozens of cars were in front of his house. Police cars. Someone once said that if there are ambulances and fire trucks, there's hope, but if only police cars are present...

But I knew that wasn't the case. Not with My Love. But I was wrong.

I picked you your favorite flowers; daisies. Do you remember why? Why you love them so much? We were playing in the fields behind your house and found the daisies. You said they would be our flower. So I brought you some. I saw that the ones on the gravesite were wilted and that you needed more. Well, it's getting dark so I have to go.

I loved you and I always will. You taught me so many things so I learned to look up to you. You were my hero. My role model. Your life was so simple. Was anything truly so bad you had to take it all away?

Well, I also learned to try to be like you and to be with you always. Because I love you. I bought a gun. I'm going to use it. I'll be with you tonight.

I love you.

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