series of events

November 26, 2010
By Anonymous

Mommy! Daddy! Look!
I was holding a gem to my eye as they both turned and laughed. They told me I had kaleidoscope eyes and if I tried hard enough I could see little people in the gems. This was the last good memory I had of my parents as a whole. My mother died when I was five I don’t remember her so well; my dad has been a dope head ever since. This is the basic truth when he was home; then he went to work and he had worked as the CEO of WaVe a new entertainment system that literally puts you into the game. I don’t know why I remember that moment so well but I do. My father then died of an allergic reaction to a new drug he was using to quit smoking.

I remember staring at the door of an airplane about to leave my school, my friends, and everything else I knew about my life. Thinking “why does my life seem to be a never ending list of changes?” well that was the end of that. I was off to live with my grandparents on my mother’s side (whom I have NEVER met) and pretend that I don’t want to kill them right now! I had been to Florida many times before but to get a tan not to live there. My opinion of the place is a three word description, giant nursing home! I mean with the gated communities, and the 95 year old ladies playing bridge, and the only cool place to hang out are the mall, the beach, and prison? REALLY??? So far everything is awesome but it gets better; it turns out I am the only person in the gated community that is over the age of 10 and under the age of 70! Could it have gotten any worse?

The best night I had with my grandparents was when I snuck out of the house and played basket ball (something I wasn’t allowed to do because I “might hurt myself”) I decided biking was not enough to keep my figure so I played some ball with a ten year old; I won. The best decision I ever made in my whole life was to bolt from there. I packed all my stuff up and grabbed my bike and peddled for four days (with breaks) to an online friend’s house. She welcomed me and I stayed there for a while and then had to go. Unfortunately this time while riding on a bike; I was stopped by a cop who had not (thank god) received a bolo for me yet. I told him that my parents had died and I was homeless. He believed me and brought me to the local teen orphanage. I was a freshman in high school when I got to rainbow or, the orphanage from h***. They gave us barely enough food to live and our beds were made of cardboard and feathers. It was still better than living with my grandparents. All these moments in my life were very emotional and left me very p*ssed off most of the time. I handled this by learning everything from martial arts to real art (sculpture and drawing) and everything in between I was a strait A student. When I got mad though I got mad this I dealt with my cranking up my music and going to the gym.
Due to my awesomeness/ great grades I was moved to Second Chance orphanage. This was one of the greatest moments in my life. All of the kids there feared me because I was from rainbow and I am sure they had heard stories of those kids. A few misfits talked to me here and there but I was pretty much a loner. Then, these two kids were sent back from a failed adoption they were kind of on the border line of emo and goth. It was cool though one of them had a huge scare on his right cheek right under his eye, had black hair that was banged to the right as well (probably to hide his scar) the other was interesting he had brownish blondish hair (alternating highlights) and deep brown eyes. They were actually a little intimidating until I saw the sport jocks come over and practically throw them across the room. I walked over and punched each of the jocks right in the gut. I loved it they had been asking for it for a long time.
The two emo/goth guys walked over and said something along the lines of “ you know we can take care of ourselves, chick?”
I pretty much gave them a speech about how they were being sexist and how I was just trying to keep the peace. Later on I was working on a vase that I was sculpting and I got tapped on the back. It was the brown hair kid; to be honest I didn’t expect him to come anywhere near me. I then turned around and saw the other kid standing in the door way in the shadows. Again they had managed to do two things catch me off guard and scare me a little. They were not small people in the least they had mussels and something about them said they were not afraid to use them ether.
“So you’re the so called terrifying rainbow kid huh?” the brown haired kid said.
“Yep: not what you were expecting?” I replied relaxed (trying not to break his nose on the spot)
“Nope, I was expecting a guy well or a tough looking girl you are not that intimidating” he retorted
“Eh well man, she does have a nasty right hook at least that’s what the coach says” the black haired kid finally spoke (thank god I thought he was like deaf or something)
“So? Congrats so do I” he said sounding rather p*ssed off
“Okay, is this conversation going to go anywhere or can I ignore you guys and work on my vase?” I said trying to keep the peace.
“Come on man, don’t make a scene its not worth it” the black haired kid said
“Not until I know this rainbow kids name” he said more like a demand than anything else.
“Well why didn’t you just ask in the first place? Im Alex its nice to meet you I guess?” I said calmly.
Then they both left well it looked like they left then the black haired kid walked in again and said “I’m Scar and that’s James sorry for the bother, James is really pissy sometimes” then he tip toed out of the doorway again.
That was I think that was the first time I felt like a person in that orphanage instead of a prisoner. I then went on working hard on my vase.
For the next few days I didn’t see Scar or James but then I went to wrestling practice which I had skipped because of an art show. There they both were and the coach called me over to catch me up.
Coach: “where were you yesterday?”
Me: “an art show I won it! And don’t worry I practiced my back flips on the hotel bed last night relax”
Coach: “I wasn’t going to ask you about that yet but good job! This is Scar and James they are going to be on the team as well, championships is coming up and these two have experience you do not they will catch you up on what you have missed”
Me: “great” I said in a rather sarcastic tone my coach heard it but he let it go.
“well it looks like we are going to be spending lots of hours together” Scar said sarcastically as well. Then we all laughed.
“It seems that you guys are thrilled to have me around and all but I have homework so I have to go frankly because this is really weird” I said
It was really quiet for a while and then Scar spoke up.
“I suppose you can go if your work is pressing but if you can stay for a while it would be fun. It has been a long time since we have fought anyone but each other and we could use the practice.”
“Well then Mr. More Experience show me what ya got!” I said challenging him.
“How about warm ups first? It’s only fair for you to see what you’re getting into” he said very calmly which worried me a little. It was kind of like watching Apollo Ono in the Olympics Scar was so relaxed that it terrified everyone around him. I however am not like that. I freak out and get myself all tiered out before I even get in the ring. I’m sure coach told him that which is why he wanted warm ups.
The practice ring was more like a few mats and some rubber bands around the perimeter but it served the purpose. Scare called over and said “You ready?” my reply was a less than confident “sure” he laughed until we got in the ring. The most surprising part was he looked kind of scared, which to be honest wasn’t something I had expected. We fought and I gave him a nasty left hook right to the ribs and he called time out.
“ your good” he said between gulps of gateraid and air. We had been fighting for an hour and I just started to feel it. I guess because of all of my other activities I was more fit than he was.
“Yeah you are good to though need to work on that right leg it lags when you kick” I said laughing.
“Well I think it was a boring fight you guys both sucked” James said jealously.
“Yes mom I will work on kicking both of your a**es at once next time” I said laughing a little.
“Again sorry for his attitude he’s not good about the whole new kid thing or people in general” Scar said sounding a little depressed.
I was really laughing now “So you’re not human I suppose? Well to be honest im used to it actually I’m sort of the same way”
“Well I am human but I highly doubt you’re as bad as he is he can sit for hours by himself I’m about the only person he will talk to it’s kind of like having a two year old brother clingy but cute” he replied laughing back at me.
“I suppose, but i know where he is coming from bet he had it rough before he came to you huh?” I said looking at James
“Yeah his dad was abusive as was mine but he was the only kid who had the guts to run away he was always depressed and frustrated his dad is a powerhouse wrestler and I suppose he thinks if he isn’t he will never win” scar said rather sadly
I walked over to him and said “hey James you up for some rough housing? Or do you want to cool off?? I get it ether way”
“dude I’m not you I’m no cry baby I just want to kick my dads a** and if that requires ever f***ing day spent lifting and working then that is what I will do.” James said with death in his eyes “he killed my mother in front of me and I will kill him for that”

Scar walked over now and looked at me helplessly
“Look I spent 4 days biking to what get to rainbow then I worked my a*** off just because I was p*ssed off and not just at my parents for putting me here but at life and everything else. You’re not the only one who had it rough but I did it so that I could get over it to let it go and I realized the things I was doing for stress and for relief were things I actually loved to do I learned to find peace in my art and strength in my fighting so bring it on or are you gonna cry some more first and no more warm ups.”
“Fine scar you’re my back up if I die in this fight you will kill my father” he said standing up to meet my glare.
“Dude your dad is on death row he will die anyway” scar said like he was a broken record.
I went into the ring and within a minute I had James in an arm twist and then let go when coach told me to.

“You held back on me didn’t you?” Scar said with a surprised tone
“Duhhhhh you only just figured that out?” I said laughing a little.

“How did you beat me?!?” James asked really surprised as well.
“Well your technique isn’t the best and you have a really low center of gravity so when you hit your legs or your lower torso you fall and you fall hard and you mainly hit using your arms so when I take that away you can’t fight anymore. Simple physics applied to this specific situation.” I said smiling and taking my head gear off.
“Geek and you know this only makes me more determined to get stronger right?” he said looking at me with respect
“Well I hope it does and can you actually train not just punch? It requires sooo much drive if you’re going to do anything, do it for you not to get revenge you won’t ever get where you want to be that way trust me.” I said while I walked out
Scar ran after me “You are pretty proud of yourself huh?”
“You know it look I have homework if you guys wanna come chill with me you are more than welcome to but don’t follow me everywhere. Okay?” I said with a little edge of a warning in my voice.
“Fine but remember James is really good at holding grudges and he will try an hurt you”
“Well first he has to mellow out he can’t learn to fight when he is like that I mean your really chilled out during warm ups I need to learn that skill it terrifies everyone”
“well thanks” Scar said looking away “I wish he would mellow out myself but I don’t ever think that will happen he just won’t let it go his dad is already on death row for fifth degree murder I just don’t want James to end up at the same place” Scar then turned away
“hey, he will don’t worry until I had wrestling and art I practically was the most terrifying kid in the entire orphanage I threw fits was edgy and always p*ssed off and look how I turned out he will be okay alright?” I said trying to boost his confidence
“wait seriously, do you think you can help me get him to chill out?” he turned to look at me
“totally it will be a team effort!” I laughed

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more peices to come......

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