Full Circle

December 2, 2010
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She walked along the street, waiting to meet him. Hoping he would hurry. They had plans that night. Plans to go to their favorite spot. The rooftop of an abandoned building. The one he showed her the day after he asked her out. Where they spent every Sunday before going back to their seperate private schools. She started to hurry as she approached the old building. Neither one of them knew what the building was once used for, but it didn't matter to them as long as they were somewhere alone and away from their families. She went around the back, to the fire escape, and started to climb. She reached the top of the roof amd went over to sit on the ledge, where she always sat with the boy she loved.

He was running. He was late. His mother had hit him again, this time giving him a bloody. He was big enough to defend himself against his mother, but his father always taught him never to hit a woman. Which was probably the reason why he left two years ago. . . he couldn't hit her back. He reached the back of the building and started to climb the fire escape. He wasn.t sure if she was already there, but he thought she probably was. He reached the rooftop and found her sitting on the ledge with her back to him.

She didn't hear him approach, but felt him as he sat down beside her. She looked at his face, and instantly knew why he was late that day. His cheek was red, a cut that had dry, crusted blood around it, and the same around his nose. She layed her head against his shoulder and sighed as he wrapped his arms around her. Neither one spoke a word, content just to be in each other's arms. And as they sat there and watched the sunset, the two were happy on that Sunday evening.

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