a jemi story

December 2, 2010
By justicelover BRONZE, Newport News, Virginia
justicelover BRONZE, Newport News, Virginia
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a day without laughter is a day wasted. friends fade,best friends are forever. friends hold your umbrella, while best friends run away with it! friends are for temporary while best friends last a lifetime.

a jemi story chapter 1 : meeting new people : as demi walked into the campus,she spots a cute guy walking in the other direction,she saw him glance in her direction then walked away in disgust.What's his problem? said the goth girl coming up beside her." i don't know said demi. well, come on i'll show you around. by the way my name is jade. what's yours? she asked. my name is demi. the girl answered. cool name demi. jade said as she turned the corner with demi close behind her. why are all these boys staring at us? demi asked. because they can't help that i'm so hot looking! jade answered with laughter in her voice. demi laughed back. who is that? demi asked staring at the hot dude in the white and black shirt. oh, that's my boyfriend beckham. remember don't touch him he is mine. got that? jade asked with a edge to her voice. y-yes. demi answered fear in her voice. cool. jade answered. chapter 2 the fatal cut as they walked towards jade's house, jade asked her where do you live ? i live in the big house on the right . demi answered. p.s. if you like my story so far please send comments!

The author's comments:
i am a big fan of demi lovato and i hope she reads my piece because she is a awesome actress and singer.and also i love victorious!! beck ,jade and tori are amazing!!!!!!!!!!!! i hope people will be reminded that love comes in all sized packaging. i hope that selena gomez and victoria justice and avan jogia read my story!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! you guys trully rock !! i am a huge fan of all you !! i really hope that everyone reads this story!! also another tip to my story is friends help us through the trials and hard times and they will be there though the thick and thin.

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