Doomed to the Pit of Broken Relationships

November 30, 2010
Henry grabbed me by my waist as the song began to change. The lights dimmed down and the disco flashes stopped. I wrapped my hands around his neck and twisted my fingers into his hair. I laid my head against Henry’s chest and let him sway me to the music. I could see all the other prom goers doing about the same. Except for the exception of a few having make out sessions. Henry kissed me lightly on the forehead. His lips were cool on my feverish face. I looked up and stared into his misty blue eyes.

Henry stopped dancing and grabbed my hand. He led me outside where a few other people were loitering around a fountain. “Camry,” He whispered in my ear “I’m so sorry.” I pulled away.

“For what?” I questioned. Henry kissed my hand lightly.

“I don’t know how to say this, er, I don’t think we are meant to be together,” Henry mumbled. I knew who Henry was before I met him. He was a ‘babe’ seeking moron. There must have been someone else. And I knew this was going to happen from the beginning.

“Who is it,” I demanded. Henry gave me an ‘innocent’ look but I flashed him a warning glare. Henry looked at a tall fair skinned girl standing with a group. She had stick strait blonde hair that was cut down to her waist. The dress she wore made her look like a skank.

“Damn it Henry!” I shouted, “why must you always be ‘scoping’ for girls!? Why can’t you just grow up?” I could feel the tears spill over the edges of my eyes. I had no doubt that my make up had started to run down my face. I turned abruptly and started to run for home. I could faintly hear Henry call my name but I didn’t care. I had set myself up for disaster. I had doomed myself to the pit of relationships. I ran faster, as my tears descended down my face in a big ’flooded’ mess.

When I finally got home I ran to my room. I sat in front of the mirror for an hour, just staring at my mascara stained reflection. ’Buzz Buzz’ I hurried to pick up my vibrating cell phone. “Hello?” I sniffled.

“Camry where are you? Henry’s looking all over for you,” Bellarie said into the phone.

“Tell Henry I don’t want to see him, ever!” I exclaimed, heated from anger. Bellarie began to question and I told her the story. She offered to take me shopping tomorrow to make me feel better but I declined her invitation. “Sorry Bell, I’m not up to it,” I sighed. Her date was waiting so I let her go. I needed to relax.

I few minutes later I found myself being drenched with the hot soothing waters of the shower. I stayed in there until I was a little bit easier with the whole situation. I wrapped a towel under my arms and headed into my room. I dressed in the silky pajamas my dad got from China and tucked myself under the blanket. I cried. I cried from the dagger that was plunged into my heart tonight. I cried while feeling every inch of the invisible blade. I cried for love.

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