Dark Shadow Chapter 5

November 30, 2010
By Amaria GOLD, Phoenix, Arizona
Amaria GOLD, Phoenix, Arizona
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I wore my brown shirt and my blue jeans. Everywhere I looked I found someone staring at me. I walked to class a little nerve racking having everyone stare. Than all of a sudden I saw him. He had a black eye and I could clearly see bruises all over him. He looked up and saw me staring but the reaction he had was not the one I expected; he looked frighten. I looked behind me and I saw who Stephan was really looking at; Miguel. I shook my head and walked over to my seat, away from Miguel and Stephan. Miguel and I weren’t talking since yesterday. I was going to keep promise one way or another. I meant it when I that we didn’t know each other. Miguel came up to were I was sitting and sat down next to me. Why was he trying to make everything difficult for me?
“Stay away from me.” I whispered and got up to find a new seat. Everyone was shocked that I had moved away from my ‘boyfriend’. Many people had come up to me and asked me if it was true that we were dating. I had lied and told them that I was, everyone said the same thing; “I thought he was going out with Rita.” I knew that but hearing it over and over again hurt me a lot. My life was a complete disaster.
“Miss Mason?” I looked up and saw Mr. Whimper looking down at me. “Well? Do you know the answer or not?”
“To what? I mean can you please repeat the question?” he looked at me over and nodded.
“Sure. What are the two mixtures?” Damn. I hadn’t done the worksheet.
“I’m not sure.” It sounded more like a question than an answer.
“Miss Mason, I really hope you pay more attention and actually do your lab. Can anyone help miss Mason out?” I looked down, I was really embarrassed. Why me?
“Mr. Mantory?”
“Mr. Whimper Maria didn’t know the answer because she never got the lab. The answer to the question that you are asking is none. None of these contain the mixtures that are needed.” Mr. Whimper looked Miguel over and than turned to look at me.
“Right, Miss Mason please come after school.” Damn.
“Okay.” I wasn’t walking or anything. I had a new car, my parents got it for me after the incident in which I didn’t come home for over a month.
“Mr. Whimper? Can I stay as well? I don’t get this problem.” Mr. Whimper shook his head.
“Mr. Mantory I prefer you go home.” What? The teacher could not deny the student the help they needed, especially when he wanted me to stay.
“Well in that case, Maria is not staying here after school with you.” Mr. Whimper looked at Miguel with anger showing on his face.
“You can’t tell her what to do. It’s up to her.” Wait I did have the last word of weather I stayed or not.
“That’s right, Mr. Whimper if Miguel can’t stay I won’t stay either.” I can not believe I just said that!
“Mr. Mantory why are you getting in between her education?” Miguel looked mad as hell.
“You listen to me old man! I know exactly what you wanted to do!” Everyone was supper quiet and the kids from the classes next door were outside our classroom listening to the conversation between teacher and student.
“And what exactly was I going to do?!” Mr. Whimper yelled back.
“I didn’t want to do this but you leave me no choice! You were going to rape her like you’ve raped a lot of other girls in this whole school! But this time it didn’t happen! I wasn’t going to allow it! She’s my girlfriend and the love of my life and I was not going to let you rape her!” Miguel was so mad that he actually scared me...a lot.
Mr. Whimper stayed very quiet as if he had to think about to answer back to Miguel.
“Miguel, why don’t you... just not care?! She doesn’t even like you! Not one bit! So why defend her?!” Miguel was getting angrier by the minute I could see it in his expressions.
“I don’t care if she doesn’t like me, I love her and that’s all that matters! I mean if you had done anything to her...”-“You would what?!” “I would kill you with my own hands!” Miguel yelled at Mr. Whimper, who didn’t answer back. Than was it true?
“Yes, it is true, I’ve stayed quiet way to long. Maria he rapes new girls promising them good grades. But I wasn’t going to allow him to do that to you.” When he said that, I heard a whistle outside the classroom door, a very loud whistle. Everyone looked at the person standing at the door who had whistled. It had come from the principle. By his expression I guessed he had heard every word.
“Mr. Whimper report to my office! Now! Every girl that was raped by Mr. Whimper report to the office as well and be honest for the benefit of your classmates.” More than five girls in our class that moment left, and I could see more girls leaving their classes and headed to the office. And to think that one of those girls could’ve been me.
“I wouldn’t have allowed it. Maria I would never let him rape you. Not you.” I turned around and faced my angel. Miguel.
“Thank you! I owe you way too much!” He smiled my favorite smile. He hugged me very hard. I saw Rita coming our way so I pushed him away. He was dating Rita and I couldn’t get more involved then what I was already. I had to do it now in front of everyone so that it would all be over once and for all. But before I could say anything at all he grabbed my face and kissed me! His lips were so soft next to mine and I didn’t want to push him away. I loved him. But he was dating Rita. I pushed him away and slapped him.
“Don’t ever kiss me again! I’m not your girlfriend! Have a great life with Rita.” I whispered at the end since my voice cracked. I grabbed my backpack and ran, I had ran all the way to the hallway near the bathroom when Stephan grabbed me hard by the arm. He looked at me with hatred, he was mad I could tell.
“You think I’m going to let you go that easily? Ha don’t make me laugh. Watch out Maria because you will be mine, sooner or later. And trust me next time Miguel won’t stop me.” he started laughing, and I stopped paying attention for a few seconds and all of a sudden I had his lips on top of mine. I felt a sharp pain go through me and I saw blood as soon as Stephan pulled away. He had bitten me. As soon as he let go of me he pushed me so hard that I fell to the ground. Than he walked off as if nothing had happened at all. I got up and headed straight to the bathroom. To my surprise Julie was standing there looking at me with such hatred, man my life was a big mistake. Everything I did was wrong. As soon as I was in her reach she slapped me. at first I was shocked but after a few seconds I reacted and looked at her with all the hatred I had in me. Nobody had the right to slap me and no I was not going to accept it without showing her that what she did was not acceptable. So I slapped her back with all my strength that she almost fell to the ground. “Don’t you ever slap me again!” she was really mad from what I could tell, maybe nobody else had dared to hit her back. I ran into the bathroom where Julie’s followers were at. Dang. They were twins, they had black short hair, and their eyes were dark brown. They pinned my hands behind me and it started to hurt when I saw Julie walk into the bathroom. She locked it as I heard someone calling for Miguel. “Better get this done fast.” She punched my stomach really hard that it knocked the breath out of me. She kept punching that I even began to hurt just by breathing. “Why...a..re...are...you doing...this?” I stuttered. She hit me again this time in the face. “Because I hate you!” I tried to get my arms free but the twins just pinned them harder to my sides. She kept punching me and before I knew it I started bleeding when I coughed.

I guess nobody cared if I was killed. That was what they were showing me. No wonder people hated my guts, not only was I dumb but at times man was I stupid.

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