A New Beginning (Part 3)

November 25, 2010
By , Marietta, GA
Chapter three

"I don't know where to begin.." That was the truth. I didn't know when everything began to fall apart, all I knew is that when things did fall apart it dragged me down with it.

"Well what's your name?" a grin spread across his face as he said this.

"Ha ha! Yeah I guess that's where people normally start isn't it?.." was I actually enjoying talking to this guy? No. I-I I mean I barely knew the guy there was so way.. Plus he was SO not my type. "My name is Leslie."

"That's a really pretty name."

My face flushed red. Crap. No. I couldn't fall for this guy. "Yeah..sure-I mean thanks."

"So...why Seattle?" he asked with A curious face.

"Well it's kinda a punishment..." I was embarrassed. I looked down at my hands feeling the rush of fear wash over me. This guy would never understand. He looked like the type of guy that got straighs As and had probably never done a single bad thing in his life.

"Well I'm sure what you did wasn't that bad." He smiled at me hoping to light up the situation.

I smiled at his attempt even though I knew I couldn't tell this guy the truth about me. "Yeah it was just- yeah nothing. Stupid parents I guess... So what about you? Why Seattle?"

He frowned but understood. "Well I'm going up here for the summer to work in a nursing home" he said without hesitation. A nursing home ha ha how pathetic.

I giggled and he looked over with a disgusted look. "Not like you would understand!"

"No no no! I'm sorry."

"yeah it's fine.." I could tell that what I had just said had really hurt him. "It's just this summer it was really on my heart to serve other people and I have a really hard time appreciating things in life so I figured maybe hanging out with people who don't have much longer could help me see what's important"

My mouth had dropped open. This guy was amazing. He didnt just make good grades, he was like Jesus or something! Plus I thought the one person who thought that way was Jesus or Pastor Tom. I sat there in shock. "wow..."

"Ha ha yeah. So you and your parents don't get along?"

Wow how had he known? Was it that obvious?

"Yeah how did you know?"

"Well not that I was watching but I saw you get out of the car and say good bye to your mom..."

"Oh that...yeah that's normal for my mom and I, let's just say we arent exactly 'Best Friends for Life'."

"Oh and your dad?" gosh he just had to ask that question. I found myself growing angrier and angrier. He was so flippin nosey- I knew he wasnt and that he was just trying to understand me but I found myself getting frustrated that he knew the exact questions he should ask.

"We are.." I found myself struggling to tell this stranger about me and my dads relationship plus him and his dad probably go to father son retreats together and fish together," we are fine."

He stared at my with questioning eyes. He didn't buy it. I knew that for sure. But instead of nagging me about he just changed the subject.

"So uhh how old are you anyways? Do you have a boyfriend?" He winked at me jokingly.

"Um I'm 17 and I'm happy alone." I snapped back a little too harsh. "you?"

"Well umm I'm 18 and nope. No boyfriend." he began to chuckle. And I then understood what he was laughing at.

I found myself laughing too. "ha ha that was so cheesy!"

"Ha ha I know but you should have seen your face!"

"Yeah yeah very funny. Seriously, I bet you have a beautiful girlfriend who is just absolutely perfect and wants to figure out life just like you." I meant it but found myself not wanting it to be true.

Why was this? I barely knew this guy! I needed get ahold of myself.

"Well as amazing as that would be I am sadly single." He gave a joking frown.

I found this kid very easy to talk to for some reason. I didnt understand why he was any different from the others.

"Cool." I said quickly so that he wouldn't think that I really cared.

We sat there in silence for a few minutes.

"Ladies and gentle we have now reached our desired elevation. Our flight attendants will not begin serving drinks. Thank you or choosing Lunar Airlines"

The plane began to shake and with out thinking about it I reached over and grabbed jason's hand. The plane gradually stopped shaking and my breathing slowed. My hand stayed in Jason's.

"Umm..." Jason said with a smirk on his face.

"Oh crap! Sorry!" my face began to burn with redness. This whole blushing thing had better stop.

"Ha ha it's okay.." he said and turned to look out the window.

Crap crap crap crap crap! I couldn't believe I had just done that...

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