A New Beginning

November 25, 2010
By Anonymous

Chapter one

BEEP BEEP BEEP! My alarm clock went off. Was it already time to leave to catch the plane to Seatle? Ugh..

"Leslie you awake?," I heard my mom call from the bottom of the stairs.

"Uh..yeah yeah I am!"

My parents were sending me away this summer because I "needed to start over" as my dad put it. This past school year hadn't gone over that well. I had failed 5 of my 7 classes and dated a number of guys, all who my dad had hated. He said they either had "too many tattoos" or that they were "too old for me" or the occasional "he's drunk every time he comes over here!" In my eyes my dad was way to strict and needed to loosen up.

It was the 20th century and my dad didn't seem to understand that.

But because he was behind I now found myself packing my bags to stay with my grand parents in Seattle for the summer. This was none of my fault.

I felt my phone buzz in my pocket and ignored it guessing that it was my ex Jeremy. We had broken up when I got the knews about being sent away. He was heart broken but I was over it and was frankly becoming annoyed with his texts.

"Leslie!" I heard my mom yell and knew she was frustrated because I was taking too long.

I hopped out of bed put on my black skinny jeans, a tee shirt, and black all stars, grabbed my purse and I was out the door.

The car ride to the airport was awkward. My mom and I weren't sad we weren't going to see each other for the summer. It was a break for both of us. When ever we did see each other it always ended in a fight about how she missed the old me...(if there was an old me!) she thought the old me was more "respectful" but I had told her a number of times that she had to give respect to get it.

I was going to miss my dad though. Not that my parents divorced but when I "went over to the dark side" he started finding ways to spend less time at home and more time on business trips or out with his golf buddies.

Worst part was he hadn't even come to drop me off at the airport even though it was his fault I was here in the first place. It had been his idea to send me away, but I understood that he was just trying to help.

I dreaded saying the awkward good bye to my mom when we had finally reached the airport. So I took my time getting out of the car and getting my bags out of the car.

Once all my bags were out of the car my mom and I found ourselves just standing awkwardly next to each other...

I looked down at my watch. I had to go. My flight borded in an hour.

I was the first to speak. "well...I have to go or I'm going to be late.."

"oh yeah...well c ya.." she said as she slowly backed away towards the car waving at me.

"Bye." I waved back at her.


The author's comments:
This piece is continuing and was inspired by a mesh of different movies that I have seen lately. The character in this story goes through a huge range of emotions that at times seem to be taking over who she really is.

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