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November 26, 2010
By camocountrygirl GOLD, Hot Springs, Arkansas
camocountrygirl GOLD, Hot Springs, Arkansas
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What goes around goes around!! The greatest pleasure in life is doing what people say you cannot!!

My friends say your to good for my me. They say your preppy and popular. I'm just a loner with a bad temper. They can't believe we use to hang out together and we were once friends. How nice of them to say that, what good friends they are huh!!! I tried to tell them that if they look be on your label and clique you where a nice guy. But you know how that goes... After all this time its amazing we still have feelings for each other. When I see you in the hallways you get that twinkle in your eyes. That one day I was walking out of class and you heard me comin. You have class beside me I peaked in you where working on the teachers desk on something, But as soon as spotted me you dropped what you where doing and came to the door as I walked on by you watched me. I just pretended I didn't see you do any of that but as I walked on by I had the biggest smile on face. Butterflies in my stomach thinkin when we will finally get the courage to talk to each other again. It use to be so simple we were just friends nothing else. Yes, I will admit I did have a little bit of feeling for you but not enough to hurt our friendship or tell you. As the year progressed the closer we be came as friends. Your girlfriend at the time seem to think something more was going on between us. She ignored me at first not looking my way. But like I had said the closer we got the more jealous she got. Y'all started to have problems, she said it was me or her. You said we were just friends. In end the though y'all broke up. I said I was sorry for doing that to you. You said its ok it was bound to happen with or without your help. You didn't want a relationship you wanted to wait a while. I said I understand. Then for some reason we started to drift a part. It was the beginning of the a new school year. You saw we standin there alone so you and one of you friends came over to talk to me. I was frustrated that day cause my schedule had gotin screwed up. Also I had some family problems going on so... I was stressed out and mad. I may have takin out on you that day I yelled at you and said some things I shouldn't have. You were not use to me getting so mad I think it scared you. Maybe my friends were right we are from two different backgrounds two different worlds. Maybe we're are not meant to be anything anymore. Guess we will have to wait see what this big ole world thinks. We have to wait and see now won't we?

The author's comments:
Most of this true about me and one of my guy friends.

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