King and Coffee

November 25, 2010
By inlovewithWRITING BRONZE, Tulsa, Oklahoma
inlovewithWRITING BRONZE, Tulsa, Oklahoma
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Favorite Quote:
What is written without effort is generally read without pleasure. -Dr. Samuel Johnson
You never learn a foolproof formula for right and wrong, there is no checklist of good and bad. You have to keep an eye on yourself every minute of the day and ask: 'Should I be doing this?' 'Would i want someone to do this to me?' -Ben Skywalker

If we all threw our problems in a pile and saw everyone else's, we'd grab ours back.

No man can be called friendless who has God and the companionship of good books. ~Elizabeth Barrett Browning

I divide all readers into two classes; those who read to remember and those who read to forget. ~William Lyon Phelps

The night is darkest just before the dawn. And I promise you the dawn is coming. -Harvey Dent

"The written word is a powerful thing. You have to be careful with it."

If you pick any history at random any one at all, you will find the much the same story, seizure of power, the desire for expansion, and the inevitable inability to hold all that has been grabbed. The only variable is how long it took it to fall apart. The longest –lived empires were those with the lightest hand on the reigns.

If God intented us to wear shoes he would have made us with them. :P

The Road goes ever on and on
Down from the door where it began.
Now far ahead the Road has gone,
And I must follow, If I can,
Pursuing it with weary feet,
Until it joins somem larger way
Where many paths and errands meet.
And whither then? I cannot say.
J. R. R. Tolkien, The Lord of the Rings: The Fellowship of the Ring

The mediocre teacher tells. The good teacher explains. The superior teacher demonstrates. The great teacher inspires.

To be yourself, forget yourself.

Books are the quietest and most constant of friends; they are the most accessible and wisest of counselors, and the most patient of teachers. ~Charles W. Eliot

You cannot try… Either you do it or you don’t…

We must stand up for what's right, regardless the cost or chance of victory.

There is Always Hope. -Aragorn

Everywhere there is good but you just have to look for it.

My head is hot like a fever, I feel restless and I can’t stop moving. Soon the sensation spreads from my head to my cheeks which are now the same color of my bright auburn locks. I’m not sure if it’s the cappuccino or sleep deprivation. I swear my knees were bobbing up and down, though I knew very well I was bumping his.
Strangely as I feel outwardly my heart and soul are at peace, because when I’m with him it doesn’t matter what I’m doing or who I’m with… even if it’s only a glance or smile I’ll keep them as precious gems in the memory box of my mind. Remembering that night is like drawing up lyrics to a particular song or a file from a cabinet, every detail will live inside me until the day I die…. The black dress I wore, his blue shirt, the taste of coffee, how crowded the shop was and the corner table we sat at, how our faces brushed when he whispered something to me. It was all so perfect and now I realize just because our ages differ, it doesn’t mean we have to be apart.
He was always someone I had liked but never really took seriously, then once I really noticed him for the first time, it was apparent that he could like me… in a way that I never thought possible.
It still crosses my mind, if people noticed how I paid more than usual attention to him, how we talked only to each other the entire time, and how I deliberately sat beside him, how our arms leaned together. Arm against arm, leaning into him… I almost felt him leaning back. That’s when it started. Butterflies in the pit of my stomach, all because of one boy… A King.

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