A New Beginning (Part 9)

November 25, 2010
By Smartblonde4898 GOLD, Marietta, Georgia
Smartblonde4898 GOLD, Marietta, Georgia
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Chapter Nine

I ran up to my bedroom after dinner, excited to talk to Jason. I looked down at my watch. it was 8:25. I was early so I decided I'd open my window and read while I had the time.

My grandma had place a few books on my desk before I had arrived and I though now was a perfect time to start reading them.

I picked, "A walk to Remember." I had seen the movie but at the time I hadnt really cared about it.

I started reading and realized I was just like the main character, Landon. He was the rebel. Always outdrinking and smoking just because his father had left. And of course he falls in love with a girl that is the complete opposite, Jamie. But before I got to ahead of myself I closed the book. I couldn't compare myself to this book so easily. I was not going to fall head over heals for Jason. I mean what we had could simply be called a crush. He didnt even...my thought rushed back to the hospital room. Sam had said 'I think she will understand.' What did that mean? Did he like someone else?

Someone tapped me from behind and I jumped.

"Ha ha! Gotcha!" Jason said a smiling growing on his face.

"Shut up." I said now laughing as well.

Jason eyes shot back down to the book on the floor. "What book are you reading?"

My face went red. Wow this was such a 'chick flick' book. "Uhh.." was all I could get out.

"Oh come on!" He said with a smile and before I knew he was reaching through my window to get the book off the floor.

"Excuse me!" I said surprised but laughing. I blocked his path from getting the book.

"How come I cant see it?" He said I flirty smile growing on his face.

I didnt know what to say to that. "Well its just..." I thought of something quick. "You wouldnt be interested in it."

He looked confused. "Oh really? And you know this how?" he started laughing and I did too.

"True but-" before I knew it he was tickling me and I couldnt stop laughing. I saw him out of the corner of my eye reaching for the book. I grabbed it out of the way.

"Oh I see how it's going to be!" and Jason was back tickling me.

"Jason- ha ha- Stop! I'll tell you!- ha ha stop here!" i handed him the book and backed off.

"This is what I couldn't see?" He asked while I smile grew on his face. "A stupid chick flick book?"

"I told you, you wouldn't like it!' I said sticking out my tongue.

"True, you win. But I dont understand why it was such a secret. Aren't chick flicks what all girls read?"

I laughed. He was right. "True but-..." I said smiling at him.

He looked at me confused. "But...?"

"I was just thinking about it before you scared me..well and it's not something the old me would read. I was just reading it because my grandma had left it on my desk and I decided that I should probably read it because I had time and..." I was rambling. I shut up because Jacob had started laughing.

When he stopped laughing he looked over at me with a serious face.

"Leslie...you have got to stop living in the past. If you hold on to who you used to be how do you expect the you now to be you?"

This deep comment caught me off guard. It made complete sense though.

"I- i dont know..I was just that way for so long that now trying to be me is difficult at times.."

"I bet it is but you are doing such a great job, I like the real you." He said a smile growing on his face.

What did that mean? Did that mean he liked me? No...he couldn't.. My face got really red.

"I owe it all to you." I said looking up at him. I wasnt sure how he would take what I had just said.

He was confused. "What do you mean? This was all you."

"Jason, I've never fealt so like myself when im around you. You make me want to be something different. You just want make me want to be just like...well you."

He sat there quietly. I wasn't sure why. Crap had I said too much?...

i just started rambling on and on. "Oh gosh I'm sorry- I mean- I didnt mean to just- crap- I probably sound like a freaking creaper- Im so sorry-"

Jason interupted my rambling. "Woah woah woah Leslie! Calm down okay?"

I caugh my breath and tried to slow it. He stared at me with caring eyes.

"Can I...?' He did say more he just reached over, put his hand through the window and place it on my neck and kissed me. Butterflies went through my body as out lips touched. It was only for a second but I fealt my body being overwhelmed with a dizzy feeling. He had just kissed me.

When I opened my eyes I saw Jason smiling at me. His hand was still on my neck. I smiled back at him, not knowing where to even begin.

He liked me. This perfect guy liked ME. How was that even possible I mean..? He's so perfect. He was also handsome and my grandparents loved him. How was all this finally going right for me? How was it that i came from bad relationships all the time to this perfect one that I didn't deserve?

I was the luckiest girl in the world.

Just then my phone buzzed on my desk. I sighed. Whoever that was, was going to die because I was having this perfect moment with Jason, and they were ruining it.

"Sorry," I said with a dissapointed look on my face.

"Ha ha it's okay," he said smiling at me. Gosh I loved him..

I walked over to my desk and picked up my phone. It was Jeremy...'really?!' I siad in my head, 'Why couldnt he just get it into hi stupid head-?!'

"Is something wrong?" I heard Jason ask from the window.

"No no no..- I mean yes." I knew that out of all the people with I could share my frustration with him. He would understand.

I went back over to the window to sit with him, bringing my phone with me. I didnt pick it up.

"Who called?" Jason asked curiously, still smiling.

I hesitated. How would he take hearing that it was my ex? "Umm...it was my ex...Jeremy.."

"Oh well that's cool that you guys are still friends and everything!"

I started laughing. He had no idea.

"Umm no.." I started laughing more, "kinda the exact opposite. I broke up with him and he still calls and acts like we are dating or something."

"Oh..." Jason said in realization.

"Yeah, he kinda called before I went to the nursing home this afternoon, and I hung up on him because I...needed to see you again.." It fealt weird just putting all of my feelings out there for Jason to hear.

"Oh" Jason's face lit up with a smile. He leaned through the window again and kissed me on the cheek. His touch made butterflies go through my body. "I'm okay with that then," Jason said laughing to himself.

I laughed too. He was cute, perfect, caring and funny. What else could a girl want? I had no idea.

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