A New Beginning (Part 7)

November 25, 2010
Chapter Seven

When we got to my house worry finally sunk in. I stopped right where I was.

What if he didnt like them? What if my grandparents didnt like him?

Wait!-why did I care so much?-

"What are you thinking about?" I looked over to see Jason looking at me with a curious face.

He was going to think that I was obsessed with him or something if I told him what I was really thinking about. "

"Umm well it's just that my grandparents..they can be kind of.."

Jason started to laugh. "I work at a nursing home with a ton of old people some having two personalities, some not knowing who they are, and you think that your grandparents are going to be the exception? Im sure they are...normal." He started to laugh again and my face flushed red.

He was right. I should have know that he would say something like that. This guy had no flaws.

"Come on Leslie! Let's Go! Ha ha!" His laugh made me my worries go away. Gosh what was happening to me? I couldnt...

He started walked ahead of me and heald the door open for me.

"After you," he said smiling at me.

I couldn't say no to him.

"Okay okay" I said smiling back at him.

As I walked into the house my granddad greeted us.

I stood there speechless. I was too nervous. Why was it that when I brought other guys to meet my parents back home I fealt like I could careless. I knew that those guys had lots of flaws, but I didnt care what my parents had thought. But now that this guy was absolutely perfect and I liked him alot I had a hard time introducing him to my grandparents-wait, I liked him?...

Jason interupted my thoughts,"Hello sir I'm Jason."

My grandpa smiled at him. "Hello Jason it's very nice to meet one of Leslie's friends."

"Well thank you for having me over for lunch Sir." Jason was talking to my grandad like it was natural.

"Your'e very welcome!" My grandad smiled ack at him. "Well I'm hungry, let's eat!"

Jason walked into the kitchen and my grandad turned around and winked at me and gave me a thumbs up. Relief began to wash over my body. He liked him. As we walked into the kitchen my grandmom was standing over a large pan of maccaronni.

"Well Hello!" She said with a smile on her face. "Im Leslie's grandma but you can call me Sadie."

"It's nice to meet you." Jason said turning to smile at me.

"Well I made Leslie's favorite." She said looking over at me with a smile. That was a first. "She's a vegetarian, you know?"

Jason chuckled. "No I didnt know that." He said turning around again to smile at me. His smile made my feel like everything was going to be alright, relief was running through me now.

Lunch was great. Jason was absolutely amazing. He acted as if he had met my grandparents months ago instead of an hour ago. I stayed quiet most of the dinner just thinking about how much I didnt deserve a friend like him or anything more then a friend.

Lunch was soon over and it was time for Jason to go back to the nursing home.

"Thank you so much for lunch Sadie, it was absolutely amazing." Jason said standing at the front door with a smile on his face.

My grandma seemed pleased with herself. "You're welcome here anytime Jason."

"Thank you again!" He said and walked down the stairs and down the street to the nursing home.

Once he was out of sight I turned around to see my grandpa standing there with a smile on his face.

"What?" I said embarrassed.

"He is a very nice boy Leslie, don't let him go." A blush rushed onto my face.

"I dont know what you mean." I lied with a smile spreading across my face.

"Mhmmm.." He said with a chuckle and left to go sit with my grandma in the living room.

I went upstairs into my room, but once I got there I realized I had nothing to do.

I could email my mom, but I wasnt ready for that.

My phone buzzed and I looked down at my phone so see it flashing, "Jeremy calling! Jeremy calling!"

I thought about ignoring it, but then remembered he'd just call again and again until I picked it up. I flipped open my phone.


"Hey Babe!"

"Umm hi Jeremy.."

"How's my baby girl?" He said and I could here the excitement in his voice. The excitement was not mutual.

"Im doing.." I thought about Jason and a smile spread across my face, "I'm going really well."

He took my excitement differently then I meant him to.

"You sound happy to hear from me." He said sounding more excited.

How could I tell him it wasnt because of him? It was because of this amazing guy that I met and I couldnt get him out of my head. I needed to go see Jason!

"Umm.." was all I could get out. "Actually ummm...I have to go."


My grandparents were fine with me going back to the Nursing home to see Jason. I got there ten minutes later.

As I walked into the Nursing home I couldnt see Jason so I walked up to the front desk and asked the lady there.

"Oh Jason? Are you a friend of his?"

"Yeah!" I said out of breath.

"That's nice of you, I think he's in room C-108." I didnt know what she meant by 'that's nice of you' but I ignored it. I remembered that that was Sam's room.

I made my way down the different halls leading to sam's room and when I was almost there I could hear Jason's voice.

"I dont know what to do.." Jason was saying. I was really confused what was Jason talking about.

"She sounds like she trusts you alot. I bet she would understand." I felt confusion sweep over me. What did both of those statements mean? Was Jason seeing someone and had lied to me about it? Why did he think I wouldnt understand.

I watched as Jason looked down at his watch. "Hey thanks Sam. I have to go. Maybe I'll see that garden of yours someday those flowers really are beautiful."

I smiled how sincere he was. He really did care about everyone.


Jason walked out of the room, and I remembered that I probably shouldnt have heard what I had just heard, but Jason was standing there staring at me. It was too late.

"Leslie? What are you doing here..How much of that did you hear?"

I stood there in shock. "Uhh- nothing" I said a little bit too quickly, "Wait I did but I only heard the part when Sam said that he thought I would understand.."

"Oh..." Jason stood there not knowing what to say back.

I didnt want to loose him. I couldnt.

"I'm so sorry! I didnt think- I mean I didnt-" I shot out not knowing what to think. Tear filling my eyes.

"Woah woah woah Leslie! Calm down." He pulled me into a hug. I fealt safe there in his arms. "It's fine" he was saying, "Its not a big deal."

I wanted to stay in his arms forever.

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The~crayon~in~my~heart said...
Nov. 30, 2010 at 4:50 pm
um so sorry~ i thought that this was part one when i read it so some of the things i said dont make any sense now~ very sorry about that:)
The~crayon~in~my~heart said...
Nov. 30, 2010 at 4:46 pm

Hey! um im not sure if you want constuctive criticism but i thought of a few things so if you dont like it, its okay-

first of all, when you say things like "i was really confused" it is getting the message across that you are confused, but its coming across as very blocked and it wont flow. show how you feel instead, like  "i furrowed my brow in confusion"

also, when you draw out the story with all the worrying abot her grandparents, and then they are perfectly nice, makes... (more »)

Smartblonde4898 replied...
Dec. 1, 2010 at 2:59 pm
Thanks you so much for your criticism! That helps me so much! I have been writting this for a while and none has been giving me any advice. So thank  you so much!
The~crayon~in~my~heart replied...
Dec. 1, 2010 at 5:19 pm
oh good! i was worried you might be one of those people who take writing critisism personally and then freak out..;)
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