November 23, 2010
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There was once a cool perfect evening in Paris and everybody around could feel it under the Eiffel tower. Its nice outside and tourist everywhere and people seeing all the attractions and love in the air and you can feel the breeze blowing and the smell of nature. Paris a romantic place and one the best places in the country.
It’s the morning of February 14th and this amazing hot guy named Dan who is 30 was out by groceries for his date tonight with his pretty girlfriend Michelle who is 28 and they have been dating for 2 years and tonight Dan is going to ask Michelle to marry him but Michelle does not know that he is going to propose to her tonight. The night before Dan called Michelle and told her to meet under the Eiffel tower for a romantic date at 8:00 tomorrow night.
So that night Dan leaves early to go setup the date for Michelle. He spreads red rose petals all around and the lights on the Eiffel tower make it even more beautiful and romantic. But one of Dan’s friend shows up whose name is Diana who is 21. So Dan and Diana have been friends since they where both 10 years old. They even dated in junior high and Diana parents wanted her to marry Dan because they thought he was an awesome guy.
But 40 minutes later Michelle shows up 20 minutes early. And she sees Dan kissing Diana and everything goes crazy. Michelle and Diana get into a fight and Michelle wins even through Diana had a black belt in karate. So then Dan decides to be stupid and still proposes to Michelle after he got caught cheating on her. Michelle says no and she and Dan get into an argument then after the argument Michelle throws a pie in Dan’s face and leaves.
A few months later Michelle meets another guy who is named Mike who is 30. So hey start dating for about 2 years then Michelle decides to marry him. So they have there wedding and then Michelle finally has a good life. Then a few years later Michelle has a set of twins and now her life is perfect and very happy.

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