November 22, 2010
By Anonymous

‘No don't attack’ I said! I was use to it, I’d seen it all before. Felix thinks he's so clever making these fake attackers, but he isn't. I was training you see, training to be a real vampire. Well when I say real I mean able to go out and fight all the good guys! He tries to trick us as were on our trail, makes us think they are the real guys when we know they aren't! There was seven of us, Tammie, Helfie, Lassie, Joey , Janter, Gersen and me, Taylor’. I was 14 and the leader, I was the oldest so I was in charge of everyone. That was the day, the day when I fell in love, Emily was her name, blonde hair blue eyes, she was radiant. Then I saw him, with her. It was horrid to think I liked someone who could like him. Nixon, he was one of the good guys, he was a werewolf! But I didn't care about it anymore, if anyone could have her I could! Abort mission’ I told them all. ‘but Tay?’ Gersen replied. ‘ ABORT MISSION! Everyone go home!’ I exclaimed.
They all ran off,, except one, Tammie. I could tell she liked me and I could have her if I wanted, but I didn't, I wanted Emily, and I was going to get her!
‘That was him’ I told her ‘ The wanna-be vampire, you know Edward and Bella’s son. He’s been in training for 7 years now and he still can’t get it right. Dad said they are all losers!’
‘ Right!’ she exclaimed!
‘ok.’ I said ‘ lets get going were moving on today and we don't want to be at the back we need to stay near the middle because the Vampires are on the loose today.’
‘are you sure you want a human with you?’ she replied.
‘ human or not your coming with us!’ I answered ‘ run with the pack!’
We all got together and headed off, then about 10 minutes into the journey Louis cried ‘they're coming, they’ve seen us!’ we all scattered . We changed ourselves into wolves and ran. I’d forgotten about Emily, this was the first time we had moved when Emily was with us! I ran back not thinking about the risks and came face to face with him. Sagisle, the head vampire, I tried to scare him off with my growl, but he was use to it. He’d killed many wolves before, and I feared I was next.
I was scared, I feared for my life, I had never seen a vampire and wolf fight before, I didn't know what to do, where to go, what to say. Nixon said ‘Emily, get back’ but then he came up behind me, a big vampire, he looked like a body builder, I was stuck. He held me back, my arms tied up. Then Sagilse attacked Nixon with force. It was weird, a bit like magic, he didn’t move, but Nixon did. I was shell shocked. I couldn't get my head round it. How did he move Nixon without handling him. Then it clicked . Nixon had told me before. Strud! That's what he used ! His power to Strud. Vampires can move people without touching them by concentrating. That’s it. All they have to do is think and they can do anything, except kill or badly harm!
Then I wondered, what if he attacked me by Strud? What if I wasn't strong enough to handle it? Then I heard a crash. It was Nixon, Sagilse had chucked him into a tree. He didn't move. He just lay there, I struggled, I tried to pull free from the big vampire holding me back, but I was too weak. I was merely a human, I had no power.
I got home, feeling a little bit low, and no one was there. This was strange. Renesme is always home, Gassid is always home, mother is nearly always home, but they weren't! This was strange , so I went to my room. When I got there I found a note from mother, it read ‘ dear son, do not panic we have all gone off to hunt. We know that the wolves are heading out and we are sure of there path. We will be back soon, please do not come after us.
Love mother, Father, Renesme and Gassid.’
I knew this was big because they never all go out. Then, I remembered the reason I was at home. Emily! I abandoned the trail because of Emily, and if the wolves were moving, Emily would be going too! I had to go! I had to find my true love. I packed my bag and set off. I didn't know where they would be, so I had to use my nose. I can smell their blood you see. They have the strongest scent.

I had been walking for 2 hours and I still had no luck. I was beginning to give up but then I caught a draft. A smell. Unusual . I hadn't smelt it before. Honey, that's the best way to describe it. I racked my brain, I have a book you see, about all the smells that match the animal. Then I remembered. Humans!
I knew I could kill him. It was easy. I had the power. He was just a boy. All I had to do was move him towards me and bite him. That's all. But for some reason I couldn’t. There's just something holding me back. Something in the back of my mind going no! Don't kill him, don't be so stupid Sagilse. But what is it? I need to kill him, I need to get back at his father, Roydor, he killed my daughter, back when I was 36, when the vampires could stop themselves killing humans and stick to animals. We came across Roydor when we were walking Shandie, we didn't do any harm to him, we didn't know we were in there territory, but it mattered, Roydor launched himself at Shandie. Killing her. I have never forgiven him. So why cant I kill this boy?
I had him in my Shrud. All I needed to do was bring him closer. Just a little bit closer. But then I heard a voice. ‘ No wait’ the voice said
‘who’s there I asked?’
‘It’s me ! Taylor’ the voice answered.
Taylor? I thought. Then I remembered. Taylor , Edward and Bella's son. I turned around to face him. He had tears in his eyes. ‘What's wrong?’ I asked
‘you can’t kill him! You can’t!’ he replied.
‘please!’ I begged.
‘but I must! His dad has hurt us so much!’ Sagilse replied.
My dad had just spotted me, I knew I was in big trouble!
‘ TAYLOR! What are you doing here? We told you to stay there! How dare you disobey me!’ my dad bellowed.
‘ I had to! If Sagilse kills Nixon, he will kill my true love too!’ I cried.
‘what are you talking about you stupid boy?’
‘ he’s kissed her!’
‘who? Tell me what is going on Taylor, NOW!
‘I love her, Emily!’ I answered. ‘Nixon, he’s kissed her so his darg is in her now. Kill him and you kill her! I can’t let you do that!’
‘That’s it!’ Sagilse cried! ‘that’s why I couldn't kill him. True love! You can’t destroy true love.’
I ran over to Emily. I said ‘will you have me?’
‘If you went, all alone through the forest, just to find me, I will have you. That's what you call love!’
I lent over to kiss her, and she said ‘ thank-you’
Everyone clapped. It just shows you can have a happy ending in every story!

The author's comments:
a little piece i wrote for my friends birthday.... tell me what you think.

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on Nov. 29 2010 at 1:19 pm
stephie95 PLATINUM, Tripoli, Other
25 articles 1 photo 65 comments

i like it but go kind of mixed up in the middle but then concentrated...

anyways it is really creative and i simply like it..

on Nov. 26 2010 at 11:48 am
deus-ex-machina14 BRONZE, Stewartsville, New Jersey
1 article 0 photos 439 comments

Favorite Quote:
"There are two main tragedies in life. One is not getting what one wants, and the other is getting it." -Oscar Wilde

I really like this and would love to see more from you. Very imaginative and original. Good job!


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