Confessions of a Teenage Love, Chapter One: This is How it Begins

November 21, 2010
By ambergem SILVER, Tavares, Florida
ambergem SILVER, Tavares, Florida
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" The heart is the most important part of the body, so why shouldn't stories be written about love? "

Every normal teenager has some sort of obsession with finding there soul mate. We think it’s some sort of, magical quest to scout that one person that will make our lives complete. Although, actually getting this kind of love in high school is crazy that doesn’t stop us from trying harder. For a girl named Adyson her ridiculous love story gets more interesting day by day.


Adyson tuned out her mother and got out of bed to get ready for high school. It’s not like she wasn’t looking forward to school, but she was never really a morning person. Picking out a new (and yet old looking) t-shirt and a pair of jeans she went into the kitchen to grab a granola bar. “ Love you mom!” She screamed as she slipped on her sandals and ran to catch the bus.

Walking to the bus stop in the drizzling rain she wondered why the school year started in the middle of hurricane season in Florida. Sloshing around in inch deep puddles she got her new jeans soaked with rain water up to her shins. As the bus rounded the curb she felt that awkward, should I look at the bus driver while there’re coming or should I look surprised when I see the bus in front of me feeling. She decided to just stand there and look like she didn’t care at all, and when the bus pulled up and opened the doors the bus driver looked down at the wet girl and scoffed. Adyson climbed the stairs and took a seat in the middle, hoping that she didn’t just steal some fat girls rightful spot.

As the school came into view Adyson wanted so much to go back home and not even attempt the school day. She knew this was close to impossible. She took a deep breath picked up her bag, got off the bus, and tried to find the main office. The school was small and old and pretty jumbled up. In the center of all these random buildings was a courtyard with at least 100 kids standing on benches and running around hugging friends they probably saw last week. She asked some stoner looking kid in a black shirt and long black hair where she could find the office and he looked at her and said,

“How should I know? Go find it yourself you lost freak.”

Hearing this didn’t make Adysons day so she walked away amused that some dirty little boy called her a freak. As she walked around a little bit more she found the office and got her schedule. “First period, geometry. This is going to be a long year,” she said to herself as she walked around with her new map looking for Mrs. Smiths classroom.

The author's comments:
I thought that in high school is when your most likely to be involved in dating so in the book I'm going to explore the ups and downs of relationships. So far this is chapter one but I hope there are many more to come!(:

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