The world as we know it~part one

November 19, 2010
Have you noticed the little things like in the morning how the sky is always ever changeing with pinks and purples in a pastel kind of colors. Well if you havent its not uncommon to not notice that sorta thing like I have but of course I'm not like everyone else.....I'm just your reguler old angel....I guess not many people believe in my kind but eh, heck I had to take the deel eather this or sitting up there doing over a thousand years of paper work that no one wants to do. Hey I used to be top angel up there you know. but then the day everyones 'good deads' were checked well i was a bit low on mine... so here i am stuck on earth just looking for the person I'm soposed to keep safe... The most ironic thing is that my name is well Angel ain't that just the joke upstairs,huh? They just think its so funny that a gaurdian angel named Angel is on gaurd duty down here.

"Yo!!!!Angel mah boi!!!" a snarky well known voice called to me....Garret demented...A fallen or well pushed up demon that seemed to be haveing his own higher power coumunity service issues. We bonded over the usaul hateing our elders, loveing mischeif, and drum role please getting thrown out like trash.

"Hullo, G-man," i call back softly unlike garrets loud boastful voice. See even if I'm an angel we look so much alike we could have been seprated at birth. We're both pale as death herself, both have silkly black hair,I'm toatally strait and I must say we both have the same musculer build...our major diffrences come from our faces...........

To be continued!

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