Our First Kiss

November 19, 2010
By AnimeChic77 BRONZE, Amery, Wisconsin
AnimeChic77 BRONZE, Amery, Wisconsin
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Relationships are everywhere around us. Within school, church, grocery stores, we all have relationships.

A piece of eraser woke me from my midday nap. Glancing up, I realize the movie I’d been watching was at the credits. I looked over at the most obvious suspect of the eraser throwing, and Lisa was there smiling. Considering it a favor, I smiled back at her. She had saved me from the rant Mr. Borne gave us every time someone so much as yawned.

Glancing at the clock, I had seen that it was five to three. Almost time to go! I pulled my makeshift pillow together. I inched to the edge of my seat, with my books in arm. When the bell rang Mr. Borne scurried to find his worksheet he was planning to give us but it was already too late. I, and half of the rest of the class, was already out the door rushing to our lockers.

Lisa had already caught up to me, “Dude, you will get caught one of these times, you know.”

“I try to keep awake but who can keep awake to a cell theory. It’s pretty much a lullaby without a melody.” We had reached the locker banks, so we split up. I went to my locker to grab my bags and she to hers.

After I gathered my bags, I went out to our usual meeting place. Lisa and I sat down on our bench as more friends gathered around. While talking to Lisa, I felt someone sit next to me. I glanced over to see Justin, and my heart thudded. I, of course, told Lisa my feelings when it started developing and she told everyone. Rumor was we both felt the same way about each other, but we both were chicken.

When Lisa saw him by me, she smiled and winked. I rolled my eyes but mentally told myself to be brave and act on my feelings.

When I turned around to act, my confidence melted, just by looking at him. You see, I myself, am extremely shy. Once I get to know the person the shyness melts. I can talk and hug them like I do with my closest friends. But Justin….we have been in the same grade and still I relatively hyperventilate upon talking with him. Justin, tall, handsome, athlete is so amazing! I excused myself saying I needed to use the restroom. On my way, I ran into a mutual friend of mine and Justin’s.

“So…” Logan rubbed his hands together, “What happened? I saw you two sitting together.”

“I wanted to do something but…” I sighed.

“Oh, and why not? You can be brave and take the lead. He feels shy, too, you know.” He replied.

“I’ve been told that. I’ll keep trying.”

“Did you know he’s not going to be here the beginning of next week?”

“What?” I asked, anxiously. Justin was one of the big things that made school bearable.

“Yeah, he said something about the Kalahari. He’ll be missing through Wednesday.” Logan led me back to our group. “Perfect opportunity…” He smiled.

“Okay, I can do this,” I thought as I moved next to Justin. I cleared my throat. He turned to look at me. “Rumor has it you’re going to be gone part of next week.”

He smiled, “Yup, Kalahari for a tournament!”

“Awesome, well my bus is here, so good luck and have fun!” I reluctantly pulled away from him. And I went home.

The weekend went by in blistering blur. It felt so long.

On Thursday, he returned. I told myself to act, and my arms slowly wound up to hug him. “Whoa, did you miss me?” I nodded, and I did. The classes felt long the breaks felt log, lunch felt long. Every day I worried if he was hurt or sick. He wrapped his arms around me, unknowing of how much I was glad he was safe and sound in my arms.

When I finally let go, he put his arm around my shoulders and started to talk with Lisa. Logan came and talked to me. “Getting braver, I see. You look pretty happy.” He turned to Justin, “Don’t you see how happy she is? Take the lead man!”

“Why don’t you go talk to your girlfriend and leave us alone.” Justin said jokingly.

“Wait! You have a girlfriend? Who is it?” I asked raking my mind for people he’s been hanging out with.

“She didn’t tell you? I thought you guys were friends? It’s Alice,”Logan said to me smiling.

“Oh, that’s cute!” I said, while picturing them together.

“Hey, Justin, right now’s a good time. Why don’t you ask her now?” Logan nudged Justin. Justin took a breath and turned to me.

“You know that dance tomorrow. Do you want to go to it with me?” He looked at me intently.

“I would love to!” I had to hold my hands from wrapping around him again.

“Then it’s settled; tomorrow at seven.” He walked off with Logan.

Lisa came up and hugged me. “Congratulations, girl! Do you want to come over to my house to do your make up and stuff?”

“Sure that’d be amazing! Alice is going to the dance to right? Let’s invite her!” I said, excited.

We invited Alice and now I was psyched! Tomorrow couldn’t come fast enough.

Friday finally came. After school, the three of us girls went over to Lisa’s house and got ready. At 6:40 we left for the dance. Lisa’s older brother drove us. Boy, is he a hoot! He can always make you laugh no matter what mood you’re in.

The girls and guys all met in a group. Alice whispered to me, “Go hold his hand or something!”

Justin must have over heard because in my process to gather courage his hand grabbed mine. I scooted closer so our arms touched. Slowly throughout the night our shyness disappeared, replaced by confidence. Towards the end of the night, my eyes were drooping. I decided to say my goodbyes.

“I’m going to go, guys. I am really tired.” I gave out hugs to my friends and Justin came last. “Bye” I mumbled. After my hug he pulled my face up to meet his.

And there was our first kiss.

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The story of my life...

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