Skye & Jacey

November 16, 2010
By Kelkel1185 BRONZE, Rockford, Ohio
Kelkel1185 BRONZE, Rockford, Ohio
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So there she was; standing there not five feet from me and she looked gorgeous. She was changing and getting ready to lie down. I admit it, I looked, and I’m not ashamed. Jacey was beautiful, not like I hadn’t noticed before, but the way she could look confident about her body and yet so self conscious; it was cute and even more attractive. My eyes slowly memorized every curve of her body, every inch of perfectly tanned skin, and the natural colored makeup she wore. I realized I was staring and looked away quickly, but I don’t think Jacey noticed.

As she crawled into bed beside me, I thought about the day we’d spent hanging out together. I thought about how some of the things she did made my heart jump and my head spin. I knew I’d been attracted to her physically before, but I was starting to feel attractions to her in so many new ways, and I couldn’t get enough. I thought she was straight though, she’d had countless boyfriends and she spent so much time with all the preps making fun of people like me. But all day long she had no problem being around me, laughing that beautiful laugh of hers, and getting so close to me that I’m almost intoxicated by the scent of her lustrous, sandy blonde hair and her smooth skin. All these signs point to flirting, but I don’t want to ruin our newfound friendship if I’m not absolutely sure.

She curled up against me as I turned on a movie to watch, and as her body brushed against mine and her scent lured in every sense in my body, I felt a shockwave throughout my entire system. I’ve had a fair amount of girlfriends and crushes, and not one had made me feel like this with just one, simple, innocent touch.

“Skye, I’m still really cold,” Jacey whispered to me and looked over at me with the cutest pout on her lips and I just couldn’t help but smile.

“Do you want another blanket, Jace?” I asked.

“No, because then I’ll get too hot, and I don’t want you to leave me.”

“Awe, well I promise I won’t leave you,” I told her, and I meant it in more than one way. Every part of me was nervous, and I realized that neither of us was really paying attention to the movie, even though we were pretending to. I knew she was cold, but didn’t want a blanket, so I did the only thing my mind and body wanted to do; lying on my side, I slid even closer to her and pulled her body to mine. I had my arm wrapped around her as a result and I was overcome with butterflies. Tracing her arm all the way up to her shoulder and her neck, and I slowly tucked her hair behind her ear.

I whisper so low into her ear that it’s just audible enough for her to hear, “Still cold, Jace? Am I better than some blanket?”

“Oh. My. God,” The only three words she responded with came in between short heavy breaths as she was trying to collect herself. I smiled at her response. She turned her body so she was now facing me. Her gorgeous, emerald green eyes were gazing at me with such conviction that it took all of my strength not to kiss her right then. Our faces were inches apart, and it would’ve been so easy, and everything I wanted for me to kiss her. She broke her gaze with me to glance down at my lips, not too long, but just long enough to catch my attention. My mind and every inch of my body was exploding in anticipation of the line I was thinking about crossing. My hands were shaking, my breath was so heavy in the air, and my heart was beating so hard it sounded like a bass drum. I slowly ran my hand down her arm to the small of her back and pulled her towards me until we were so close every part of our bodies were touching. This is it. This is the moment. I don’t care about the line I’m going to cross, I want her. She’s everything I want, and everything I need.

So I made my decision; I was going for it. I knew that if I didn’t at least try, then I’d beat myself up for not trying and missing out on something amazing. And I couldn’t stand the thought of her being with someone else.

I began to lean in closer to her, so slow it would’ve made a turtle look like a cheetah, leaning in fractions of an inch every second, anxious about getting what I want, and scared that I wouldn’t. Closer and closer, I could smell the intoxicating flavor of her lip gloss. I was moments away from getting what I wanted….

The author's comments:
It's part one. I've fallen in love with it both as a reader and a writer. Hope you enjoy it. Any feedback would be appreciated =)

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on Nov. 22 2010 at 3:14 pm
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I like it! You can't do that.  I mean leave me hanging.  I hope you continue.(I've gotta know what happens!!!!!)


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